Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shopping and stuff

Funny thing about bed rest is that I'm not actually bored, just a bit fed up. Thank goodness for my ipad and netflix. Right now I am working my way through the remaking of the Miss Marple series... no comments!  And thank goodness for internet browsing and online shopping. I've become completely obsessed with diaper bags. My friend Kate had one made for me when I was expecting Rafi, and since he's still using it for preschool I'm in the market for something new. The trouble is the one I like is not inexpensive and so I am doing my best resisting buying it. It's a Cath Kidston bag, which won't probably mean much to my American readers, but she is an English designer and reminds me of home so much. Perhaps I will save my pennies for things like gas bills, though :)

I have been doing useful bits of shopping, too, and have been searching for some new cloth diapers. We can still use many of Raf's but we need to get new prefolds and some all in ones as I'm hoping when he starts nursery (possibly the place where Raf is going) that they'll be willing to use cloth if we make it easy on them. Other bits and bobs include breast pump bits and pieces, bottles, and some warmer clothes. These things are not as exciting to search for, except the clothes! Our lovely friend Karla donated some fantastic clothes and we're so grateful as it gives us a great starting point. I never really thought that having babies in different seasons. We're forgoing a double stroller since we do have the double Chariot but we'll see how that goes... Raf loved to be worn in the sling and then soft carrier so I'm hoping this baby will be the same. I was thinking of investing in a Moby wrap given that it'll be cooler when he's a newborn. Does anyone have any experience?

We're being treated to some beautiful homemade gifts, too. Louisa is crocheting a beautiful blanket and I get daily video updates of her gorgeous work. And my friend Anna has created the most phenomenal quilt. It's incredibly special and I can't wait to see it in person... Here's a sneak peek:

Isn't it amazing?

I keep putting actually ordering things off. Despite the premature labor worries it still seems to far off.. yet of course it's not even if we make it to full term. It's all becoming much more real. Life is going to be crazy!


  1. I had a Moby with Colin and LOVED it. I would still put him in it now if I didn't think it would cripple me, lol. I can't wait to meet your new bundle!

  2. I love my Moby wrap! My mom made me two so we'd have back up for the laundry. J still uses it at the grocery store. If you have a friend or are yourself handy at making a straight seam they're not too expensive to make. I might even be able to ask my mom to make you one if you like :)

  3. You really shouldn't resist the Cath Kidston sounds like an essential buy to me, especially when all the baby buys aren't all that personal. If you going to get plenty of use from it, I'm sure you can talk yourself into treating yourself - you certainly deserve it! I love Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater, etc.

    I had my two eldest boys in different seasons - spring and autumn, so I remember how some of Patrick's first clothes couldn't be used for Spencer. Gabriel made good use of them years later though! :)

    Good to hear that Poppet is staying where he's meant to be for the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that he stays there for a few more weeks.

    As for the!! Your friend has such a talent. I've had quilting on my to-do list for a long while, but that photo has really inspired me. Your baby is going to love it!! :)

  4. Oh my god I LOVE that quilt!! I want to learn how to make one! I'm crocheting now!

  5. Okay, okay, I'll totally get that bag :)

    Isn't the quilt AMAZING? I am so in awe of her abilities.

    Julie, I actually did LOL when you asked if I can sew... oh, how I wish!!! I cannot even thread a needle, and I'm not exaggerating in the least! Isn't that awful? I so wish I could but it's from a complete lack of ability and capacity to learn.

    Lou, I am so excited to see this blanket!

  6. Well, glad it was good for a laugh at least!
    The quilt Anna made you is beautiful. I crocheted J a bunny blanket but no big projects since.

  7. Julie, I am very impressed that you can crochet, too. I really am so envious of people who can do this sort of thing. And Ariella, your creations are beautiful, too!