Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The kids loved their Pokemon tattoos!

Monday, July 24, 2017

This Morning...

Came downstairs to this gathering....!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fort Willians

We celebrated the last day of Raf being 7 by heading to Fort Williams. A really lovely place - with a new children's garden, amazing cliffs, and a very stunning lighthouse. Sadly Raf was tired and, as it turned out, a bit under the weather - but we still had a fab time. Next time I will know not to dress them in nice clothes as they got really dirty :) 

Dates With Boys!

Trying to carve out one on one time with each kid can be difficult to achieve in the chaos of everyday life. Also given the frequently heard line 'I want to come too...'  So snatching this time is usually spur of the moment or plans have changed i.e. someone is snoozing. Hence donuts with Charlie and my first solo cinema trip with Raf...

PS Raf doing his best Captain Underpants impression! Tra-la-laaa!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Father's Day - A trip to the Botanical Gardens

We enjoyed a super Father's Day... a quick throwback photo to Dad and Rich!

After Rich went back to bed for a couple of hours after I snuck out for a swim - we had a delicious breakfast.

And some little treats for Richie.

And then we headed to the Botanical Gardens - about 1 3/4 hours from us. A quick stop for a donut en route.... We kept hoping Harriet would sleep. She didn't. And we forgot the stroller.

And of course more food when we arrived...

It is absolutely stunning there.

The kids' gardens are simply beautiful. And so much for the children to do.

Doing some washing.. hoping to take some o these new found skills home with us.

Such a fun time. We headed home - Harriet slept (of course) so we headed to Portland Pie on the way home for some yummy vegan pizza. Raf put away more pizza than any of us!

And the next day - a lovely cake.