Sunday, June 19, 2016

Harriet Rose - 1 year check up (at 13 months)

20 pounds, 5 ounces, close to walking, speed crawler, and fabulous climber. She's already learned to climb up and downstairs (with one of us lurking closely behind), and her language seems to be developing quickly. She says mama, dada, dog (da!), ball (ba), and all done (Ar da!). She is incredibly feisty, and lets out an almighty screech when she's not happy. She throws things off her plate when she's not happy with what we've given her, and she throws herself to the floor and wails when she's not amused. She is so fun loving, cuddly, and sweet (except when she's unimpressed). We're so lucky. 

Goodbye First Grade!

This big boy had his last day of first grade on Wednesday. What a year. He began it barely able to read, and now he's reading chapter books, doing lots of big math sums in his head, and is all in all a curious, sweet boy. 

I mostly have been taking Raf to school myself but he elected to get the bus on Wednesday so he could say goodbye to Bruce and to give him the card he made and the little gift we got him.

Hatts was just a little baby when he first started.

Whilst he was at school Chaz and I made a cake for him.

And then we collected him from school.. a teary goodbye from Addie who is going to the bigger kid school.

And then it was off to Sweet Frog for us for some non-dairy treats :)

Hatts wasnt in the least bit interested.

If ice-cream wasn't enough, we headed to get some Pier fries and then hit Camp Ellis for a picnic.

The water was cold!

And home just in time for some yummy cake. A layer of chocolate for Raf, and a layer of vanilla for Chaz.

And just before bed, some Pokemon cards! They're just doing a bit of 'orszanizing' as Charlie puts it! And now we're on to second grade. Wow.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Big 4 0!

It's almost an entire month ago since I turned the big 40! Despite all of us (except Rich) being horrible unwell, I had an absolutely amazing week. It began on the Thursday - the eve of the big day. I woke up rather grumpily because of sick children alongside a hacking cough that helped keep me awake, too. But then I receive this lovely card and note from Rich!

This cheered me right up and I decided to head out for a run with my girl hats. This was a major mistake as I felt like I was going to cough up a lung, though the morning was beautiful and the beach phenomenal as usual. 

And then it was off to a pedicure!

And then, with my amazing neighbour shannon watching the entire crew along with her own three young children, we headed to what is going to be our new favourite place! The food was phenomenal! And the raspberry margarita was my first ever margarita. What have I been waiting for?!

The next morning - another pitiful night's sleep - but a good morning hug from these three.

And a surprise breakfast... except we were also going on a surprise trip to Bar Harbor... and had to leave the house ASAP to collect another surprise! So a very unrelaxed breakfast but so much effort and love from the crew.

I even had a birthday pillow case (think Christmas stocking) of goodies, such as branston pickle, lemonade, and more.

And then we were off!

Stopping en route...

And then we made it to our fabulous hotel, with our room looking over the water. But we quickly ditched our bags because Rich had already booked me in for a massage in Bar Harbor! It was amazing... !

And then back to our room. Rich had arranged for a cake to be made and we stopped off for it (thus the big panic to get out of the door so we could there in time). it was SO worth it. An absolutely beautiful cake. And then we had a party in our hotel room...

Rich even brought champers!

Amazing view.

A terrible night with poorly children, but we rallied in the morning and headed to Arcadia National Park. It is just a beautiful, breathtaking place.

Poor Chaz was suffering so we had to modify our hiking plans considerably...

We made it this beautiful beach, and Charlie found some energy to explore.

After some naps we then headed for another walk. When the tide goes out you can walk over the sandbank to an island we could see from our note. Raf loved it. Charlie slept through it!

Raf had me pretending to swim...!

Raf and I took a little walk on the island. Gorgeous.

And we then walked into town, passed the place where I was lucky to have a massage, all the way to the harbor to get well earned ice creams.

And after we returned back to the hotel, more cake!

Whilst Richie took a nap, me and the kiddos hit the playground.

And we then took a drive up Cadillac Mountain.

Poor Raf became very poorly, and it was rather blustery up there. But we had enough time to take in the beautiful vistas.

Heading back for some family time.

... with Pokemon cards!

Before we left for home, we managed to get some pool time. Hatts loved it.

Hoping on our return to Acadia that we'll be much healthier!

That evening we were invited for dinner at my friend Emily's house. We were very close to canceling because of the various illnesses, but everyone seemed better so off we went... Except it wasn't a dinner party it was a PROPER PARTY! Amazing! I thought that some other friends might be joining us for a surprise but I didn't expect this. Rich had arranged for this very swanky teeshirt to be there, along with a 40th tiara! It was honestly an amazing night. What fabulous friends!

And ANOTHER beautiful cake.

In fact another one! Homemade smash cake from my lovely friend Shannon!

Thank you, wonderful friends, for an amazing night. And THANK YOU RICH... you really pulled off a 40th to remember!