Monday, June 6, 2016


Not a lot of time to catch up on blogs and photographs but a few snapshots of the children just hanging out, being rather good siblings. I must say that they do get along very. very well, and I'm wondering if that will continue as they get older. Neither Rich nor I tolerate unkind behavior between them, so I do worry a little that I'm a bit of a helicopter parent, but they genuinely seem to appreciate and enjoy each other's company. Raf is a VERY good big brother to both Chaz and Hatts, and they in turn are pretty good younger siblings :) I may have just jinxed things by writing this!

Good morning!

Hatts joined the boys at the end of a swim lesson... she loves the water, but poor third child has yet to be signed up for lessons.

The boys are OBSESSED with Pokemon. I mean OBSESSED! It's all they talk about and pour over. During no screen week at school they began a new routine of reading in front of the fire together before bed... or looking at their pokemon cards!

Hatts likes looking at herself.

And here's big Chaz doing more tricks on his beloved scooter.

We have all been so, so poorly. My birthday, which I'll blog about later, was fabulous but everyone was very unwell, with all three of them very ill with strep.

At least they were cheerful sick!

Hoping to be on the upswing now... Hatts helping with some gardening.

And the boys, before the sickness, managed to go to their friend Ollie's party! Holding hands to help settle their nerves before jumping out of a door into a pit at the gym where the party was!

Charlie was the littlest.. but did a fab job joining in. He jumped into the pit shouting 'cannonball'!

Again with the mirrors... who's that?!

And the boys enjoyed lots of cake.

And then sickness hit.

All us sickies trying to get better with some fresh air.

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