Monday, September 27, 2010


One of Raf's most favourite things is to totter around on grassy surfaces. Yesterday we took him to the local trail and before we headed for a mini hike with the pups we had a very fun half hour with Raf running up and down the field.... He even attempted to walk a bit of the trail himself :)

Resting before laps.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Goodness, we haven't blogged properly in a while. We've been left reeling following the loss of Otis, and it's been quite consuming for us all. But we've also been dealing with a lot of sickness. This past week each of us found ourselves at the Drs. On the 12th Sept. it was Rich's birthday and he, unfortunately, was hit by a stomach bug, two days later Raf and I were down and out with bad colds... both requiring trips to the Dr (I needed an inhaler). And THEN poor Rich developed this really awful body rash... I am still dealing with a cold and Raf is now teething... wow. It's not even October. And poor Rich had his birthday in the midst of all this illness.

But we have been doing other things, too... aside from working, that is. Today I took Raf to a Music Together class, and, well, whilst I was really excited about it because he LOVES music, and he especially loves Music Together music (thank you Sarah Hope), it was not the best experience Raf has ever had. He burst into tears as soon as the singing started and I had to take him out... he did settle in a bit, though not one smile passed his sweet lips, and during the final song the tears returned. it seemed that he didn't really care for the guitar. I'm hoping next week is better.

Tonight also marked a sad evening for me for it was the first evening I was away for Raf's entire bed time routine, and I didn't even get to say good night. Silly, silly work.

What else?

2 weeks ago I did my first triathlon! I had a blast and it was made extra special with Raf and Rich at the finish line.

Raf at O'Naturals... we went there for Rich's birthday - though he was really ill.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Honouring Otis

Today we spent the day celebrating and grieving little Otis. We couldn't be at the memorial that was taking place today in Oakland, CA, so some of my friends decided that we'd have our own private memorials and then share them with Sarah and Erik. We decided that we;d head to some of our most favourite places - especially those spots that make one feel somewhat peaceful, and serene, even. So this morning we headed our for a bike ride to our favourite trail and passed some of our favourite ponds and rivers. After lunch we headed to Crescent Beach and made a little memorial for Otis and released some balloons... 3 balloons for Otis (one from me, Rich, and Raf) and one each for Sarah and Erik. We had such a beautiful, though somewhat melancholy, day.

Oh, Otis, you are so loved.

Little Otis

A website has been set up for my friend's son who passed away on Monday... There are some unbelievably beautiful yet heartbreaking photos. There is a memorial service in Oakland, CA for the little guy at 1pm today.

Today some of us who can't attend the service will be honouring Otis by releasing balloons, lighting a candle, being in our favourite places - and documenting these tributes so that we can share them with Otis' mama and papa. Please feel free to do the same.. I know it would mean a lot to our dear friends.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

heavy hearts

I haven't written for a while. We had such a nice weekend but we're dealing with some really, really tragic news. A dear friend birthed a beautiful, beautiful big baby boy... and the unspeakable happened. He had trouble joining the world and his little shoulders got stuck and he was left without oxygen for a little while. They revived him but it was too much for his little body and a day after he joined us he passed away.

It's desperately sad,

Please send love and light.

Monday, September 6, 2010


When Raf was around 8 or 9 months old he developed a rather nasty rash around his mouth. it was fairly intermittent at first and then, just before we headed to the UK, it became much worse. When in the UK we tried eliminating certain things from Raf's diet... and, drat, it seemed to be soy. We're vegan and soy is a major food group for us so it's been a bit of a pain. But taking soy out cleared up the rash, and, indeed, if Raf ever touches even a little bit of soy (some soybean lurking in pasta sauce, for instance) up comes the rash...

Over the past couple of weeks a rash has started to reappear, and it's been accompanied by some seeming tummy issues and a sore bottom. We're now wondering about other allergies/intolerances. We've not given anything new to Raf lately, and so I'm wondering if he's developing some sort of intolerance. I don't know too much about allergies and their development, but I am worried that he's becoming sensitive to tree nuts and/or coconut. Gah. We're off to see an allergist in November but don't want Raf to suffer with the discomfort... a rash is one thing, but I wonder what its doing to his insides.

I'm thinking of doing some form of elimination diet... does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?