Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Morning

Advent: Christmas Eve

Always a favorite... getting ready for Father Christmas! Sadly Raf woke up poorly. We chalked it up to one of his fever episodes as we'd been burning the midnight candle at both ends, and that can often trigger a fever. Not to miss out, though, we enjoyed our usual Christmas Eve fun, which involves going to the bookstore, enjoying a little treat, whilst one of us dashes in to get last minute things. En route home we stopped off at Shaws to make sure we had in our English goodies.

And then, after a short break, we made some cookies for Father Christmas.

After a bath and some downtime - the kids were still on fire. All were exhausted, and all were ready for bed. We still made time to hang our stockings.

Read a quick book... well, look at some pictures.

And this pic was the best that I could get of the crazy crew.

We left some carrots (which both Harriet and Charlie were eating!), some cookies, milk, and wine.

Nice carrot face, Charlie!

And then to bed... Charlie was a hold out!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Advent Days Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

At this point in the Advent we were all a bit bushed but once you commit, you commit! So on Thursday we enjoyed a fabulous Solstice celebration at the Burmans. Not many photos but it was warmish and the children had a great time.

On Day 23 we headed to Boothbay Harbor to their Botanical Gardens. We were all very excited about this trip, despite it being quite a trip. So worth it.

Hattie let out a big 'WOW' when she saw all the lights.

Stopping for hot chocolate.

And then the wonder of the lights and amazing pop corn.

Not a good picture, but lots of little fairy houses scattered around.

Nana and Hatts take in the view and lights.

Swinging and eating popcorn.

A fantastic almost-wrap up to our Advent... home by 11pm...!

Advents Days Twenty and Twenty-One

A very fun pre-Christmas week... which began, of course, with an early Hanukkah celebration. Always a favorite tradition.

Both Raf and Charlie were luckily to light their own Menorahs.

They took it very seriously, and managed not to burn the house down.

Day Twenty One

A ride on the carousel.

Hatts' favorite thing at the mall, though, was the train. The boys of course loved it, too.

Followed by chips!