Sunday, December 4, 2016

Advent Day Three

Always one of our favorite advent celebrations... breakfast with Santa! What is Elf doing in the cornflakes?!

Playing with legos as we wait to go.

We're ready!

We went with our lovely neighbor friends, which was just lovely. As soon as we got there, Charlie wanted to dive into the arts and crafts. So as everyone else ate Chaz and I made a reindeer.

After some yummy breakfast Raf and the others joined in for some crafting.

And then look who arrived!

As soon as they arrived Charlie was there... and they remembered Charlie from last year!! "Father Christmas, are you coming in?"!

As Charlie was part of the welcoming committee, Raf was at the front of the line to properly meet Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Hatts was not keen to sit with them so I headed up there with her. Both Raf and Charlie were giddy.

And after a few photos Charlie was back to the arts and crafts - this time to write a letter to Santa.

Hatts was also into it

We eventually got them away from the crafts so we could all go on  sleigh ride. First... our attempt at a photo.

A ride around campus.

And then, as the boys waited in line AGAIN to see Santa, Hatts had the right idea and ate more potatoes and red sauce

Fun, lovely morning. 

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