Saturday, October 31, 2009


We have two outfits for the Hallowe'en holiday! A pumpkin and dinosaur suit. Yesterday we dressed Raf as a big pumpkin and we met Rich after work in Panera... here are a few pictures taken on my blackberry (which doesn't have a good camera). We dressed him up again in the suit and took him to the mall to have his photo taken for the 'Future Faces of Maine' event. Alas, he didn't crack a smile as he was very tired, so probably he won't be the future face of Maine this year :)

We were planning to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood this evening, but Raf has fought sleep all day so I was worried he'd be too tired. Instead we put on his dinosaur outfit at home and had a good cuddle with him :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


On Sunday Raf's little grunting laugh graduated to an all out giggle.. and that night he rolled over in bed. He's growing up! Today I took him to campus and he visited our friend and colleague Nancy's childhood development class. His first stint as a professor! We ran into Whole Foods on the way home, bumped into the two lovely nurses who attended Rafi's birth, and as I put him in his car seat (usually a stressful affair) I was rewarded with a massive grin as I sang 'you've got the whole world in your hands...'

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

our trip in pictures.

We're home from a wonderful trip. We didn't have good internet access so wasn't able to post. Lots of stories to write down.

In the meantime a few pics from our holidays. I have HUNDREDS! I'll be uploading some more later.... ones of Raf swimming, with my parents, his cousins and Aunty and Uncle, with Rich's parents, and more!!

rafi and his hats!

One of my all time favorite pictures.

Grandpa tempting Raf with some beer.... very European.

Suddenly Rafi liked facing outwards in the baby bjorn!

Look at his cute little bottom!

On the evening before we left we took Raf down to the beach... he was not well so we didn't dip his feet into the Med. Next time...

Mum and Dad's final night with the Poppet...