Wednesday, October 21, 2009

our trip in pictures.

We're home from a wonderful trip. We didn't have good internet access so wasn't able to post. Lots of stories to write down.

In the meantime a few pics from our holidays. I have HUNDREDS! I'll be uploading some more later.... ones of Raf swimming, with my parents, his cousins and Aunty and Uncle, with Rich's parents, and more!!

rafi and his hats!

One of my all time favorite pictures.

Grandpa tempting Raf with some beer.... very European.

Suddenly Rafi liked facing outwards in the baby bjorn!

Look at his cute little bottom!

On the evening before we left we took Raf down to the beach... he was not well so we didn't dip his feet into the Med. Next time...

Mum and Dad's final night with the Poppet...


  1. glad you had fun and are home safe! raf looks so big when looking at these pics...even in a couple weeks he is smiling and alert and adorable!! missed you. :)


  2. in that smily pic, alex, he looks so extraordinarily like you. i haven't thought so far that he looks hugely like you or like R, but WOW does he look like his mummy when he smiles!

    how wonderful.

  3. Awww these are absolutely gorgeous photos!! What a beautiful memory and I love that the whale/ crab hat was wearable! Thank you for sharing - I've missed you!

  4. ah alex what lovely pictures. I've missed you and that lovely boys face! I hope the sun did you some good and invigorated you for the winter!

    love love love lucy x

  5. Welcome home! Oh, those pix are lovely and you all look like you're having such a wonderful time. Can't wait for the stories!


  6. awww... it is so nice to see you all again :)

    kate xx

  7. i agree with fi about rafi looking like you; so cute! I'm looking forward to hearing more. I still don't have my passport! I am so glad you had a good time, really glad.

    lots of love x

  8. Great pics, A - what great memories! Just checking in to say hi. xo

  9. Thanks, everyone! Re-entry is HARD! I've been meaning to add more pics and stories all week. Hopefully Ill have some time tomorrow... In the meantime I've posted a very sweet picture I took today on my phone. Just so sweet!