Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Earth Day

On a cold, drizzly Saturday, we headed out with some friends and neighbors and picked up trash in the woods and along the street. We found an old bucket and hose amongst the debris, and felt good about filling a bag - given our relatively clean community. A fun evening of watching Moana and a lovely dinner prepared by our friends was a good reward for all of our efforts. 

FOUR and a HALF!

Charlie turned 4 and a half on the 17th! He's such a lovely boy He is so smart, kind, and feisty. He was very excited for his half birthday. 

Whilst he's an independent little fellow, he is also a major cuddle-monkey, especially with mummy. At night he says, 'Mummy, I want you, I never have you, can I have you?" This as a lie there with my arms wrapped around him! I think he feels the rub of being a middle child. 


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Get it!

I missed the beginning... where Hatts, through semi-gritted teeth is ordering me to "GET IT"! Her coat, that is. working on 'kind words' :)


Sibling Love

We have our fair share of sibling rivalry - but for the most part these poppets get along very well. Raf is an especially good brother. Given how poorly everyone has been lately, Charlie has been less up for scootering around the neighborhood - and so he wants to be pushed in the stroller. Except Harriet also wants to be pushed in her car... Attempting to take the pups for a walk I put Chaz in the running stroller so Harriet could join him... she wanted her car. I couldn't push both and take the dogs.. seeing my dilemma, Raf skated back up the driveway and said, 'Hatts, I'll push you'. Such a good big brother. 


Last Friday I took Raf to UNE's Brain Fair. As part of that there is free ice-skating. Raf had a blast. He has suddenly become so much more daring... 


We also had some time to visit the fair - with some very cool science

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

'Which one is Beethoven?'

Charlie and I were lucky enough last week to spend a morning watching the Portland Symphony Orchestra give a performance of 'Beethoven Upstairs.'  Tickets were provided by Charlie's pre-school, so we joined all his little classmates and teachers to learn about Beethoven through his music and life events.  The music was wonderful, and the performers put on a good show as Beethoven's poor suffering neighbours.  Charlie was very into the music and performers, before asking 'which one is Beethoven?'

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Train Days

These days the train table is down in the cellar... but once they see it, al of them love to play with it still. This past week we've had lots of wooden track out all over the living room. Makes me miss those young days of Raf and Charlie and their endless playing of 'choo choos'.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Super Hugs!

Following on from the last blog, when we drop off Charlie at his pre-school and he has hung up his coat/bag and put on his inside slippers he will say goodbye and give a kiss.  Then just as you're heading for the door he will begin winding up for 'Super Hugs!'  This usually entails backing up 10 feet or so then running and flinging himself into our arms a couple of times, before he wanders off to start his day...