Sunday, October 27, 2013

Charlie turned One

More than a week late, but a quick birthday post! Charlie turned one on the 17th. It was a lovely day - beautifully warm and sunny. First thing in the morning, Charlie and I headed out before Rich and Rafi woke, for a long run. We passed some of our favourite places and towards the end of the run Charlie was fast asleep. 

After a busy morning  on campus, we headed out for a late lunch. It was more than 70 degrees and we decided to hit a nice pub for a lunch where the boys could play outside. Charlie was a menace going up and down the stairs to the play area but he enjoyed his favourite meal - spaghetti!

Going head first down a slide... his new trick.

Raf asked if we could visit a local farm. He still loves sheep and so went to see if we could visit some.

While the boys played outside I attempted to save the cake we made... it was a total disaster (really undercooked) but it tasted nice.

And then it was present time!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Apple Picking Adventures

This morning Raf and I were looking at old pictures on the blog and I suddenly realised that I hadn't posted pics of this year's apple picking adventure - one of our very favourite Oliver-Campbell traditions. Last year I was heavily pregnant with Charlie and so this year we were excited to take him along for his first proper visit. The weather was beautiful and we spent a lovely afternoon picking apples, listening to music, going on a hay ride, and fun playing in a hay maze. 

Raf found it a little challenging to pick apples as he had only days earlier broken his arm and didn't even have on his proper cast. Still, he was a great helper...

And then got a little distracted by the passing tractor... which he ran after for quite some time, broken arm and all.

We managed to get him back to apple-picking and as Rich and Raf picked apples for a bit, me and Charlie sat and ate some apples.

Next up was a hay ride. Lots of fun!

And then about five hours playing in the maze. The best $2 we've spent all year.

And while we left Rafi to his own devices, playing in the maze with new friends, Charlie and I enjoyed some sunshine and some good tunes.

Lovely, lovely.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goodbye First Year...

Almost one year on and I still haven't had a chance to write about little Charlie's birth... but here is one of the first pictures of this sweet little poppet.

One year on and this little baby is growing into a toddler who is taking steps, who loves to swing on the swing, climb on climbing frames, and now launches himself - head first, like a little starfish - down the slide. He is seemingly perennially happy, with his little grin that extends to his eyes, and even when he is pulling a funny, grumpy face his cheery disposition is never far away. And while he sleeps horribly and you have to wrestle him to change his nappy, he is an easy-going, forgiving little soul, who squeals in delight when you walk through the door. Cuddles - come wrestling - with his big brother feature increasingly in our house, as our once passive little Charlie charges around the house with trains and cars clutched in his little hands, sometimes frustrating, though often delighting Raf. He loves to be held and cuddled and nursed and kissed, but he's increasingly independent as he explores his ever-expanding world. He babbles and yells and squeals and laughs, and he may have many, many words but so far we can discern mama, dada, and perhaps quack-quack when he plays with his duck in the bath. 

It seems incredible that the first year of Charlie's life is almost over. I don't think any of us are ready for the baby years to be over. Even Raf keeps exclaiming that he's sad that Charlie is almost 1... that he'd like him to stay a baby. But alas his first birthday is just hours away. It's been a crazy and hectic year, but it's been made infinitely better with the arrival of Charlie. x

Car Chats with Rafi

I love taking Raf to school in the mornings (even though it almost always makes me late). We often have funny chats about, well, anything and everything. This morning he was especially chatty. Here are some of the things that I can recall:

Rafi: 'I had a dream last night about 'Tic Tock Crock' biting off my nose.
Me: 'Oh no, was it scary?'
Rafi: 'um, no. I liked it'
Me: 'You liked your nose being bitten off?'
Rafi: Tic Tock Crock hugged my nose, too.

Few seconds later...

Rafi: 'I miss Grandpa. He was my funny man. I wish he could come for Halloween'
Me: ' I do, too, sweetie. I really miss him'
Rafi: I miss our old house. They knocked it down and put a road through. I'm sad about Charlie.. he's going to be a toddler soon. I miss Grandpa.. But I'm excited about Halloween.' Remember when Grandpa came to our old house? Was Charlie there?'

Explained that Charlie was not yet born....

Rafi: 'Sorry I didn't eat my vegetables last night'
Me: 'Don't worry, Raf, we'll try some more later, okay?'
Rafi: I love you. Why is the crossing man's sign red and not green?'

And on, and on.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rainy, Autumn Walk in the Woods

I have lots of photos to upload and blogs to write but no time during the week to do anything. Charlie's sleep is atrocious. Here's an example of an evening/night with Charlie. 7:30 wrestle him to sleep while nursing him, 11pm first wake up... and then up every single hour of the night for cuddles and milk. 5am I am mildly aware that I need to get up... Charlie falls back to sleep, as do I, and we wake up at 6:30 - groggy and realizing that I have slept through my only opportunity to exercise. This has been going on for a long time, and I think it's a combination of new teeth (he seems to have 4 new ones coming), working on milestones (he's so close to properly walking), and sickness.

Hey ho!

Anyway, we have had some super autumnal adventures, though. Last Sunday, on a very dreary day, we headed to a local wood for an afternoon jaunt. It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it as we meandered along trails, looking for a bridge.

As we were nearing the end of the hike, Daddy-Monster came out of nowhere!!!!!!!