Saturday, October 22, 2011


One of our favourite words of Rafi's and we know it's one of his favourite words is 'Juice!' From early morning, to bedtime he has acquired a taste of juice and will try many times to get some with repeated calls of 'juice!' We obviously try to manage the juice consumption and intersperse it with water and soy milk - though we have caught him tipping milk into the sink. The juice itself is either apple juice which we water down since its quite strong or raspberry ice tea - and he likes both - and will go through it quickly either followed by thrusting his cup at you with cries of 'juice, juice' or haranguing us in the kitchen until we open the fridge and pour some juice with our words 'this is the last bit until tomorrow....'

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rafi's little friends.

"Rafi had a nice morning playing with his trains. He and Luella were very silly together as they played in the kitchen area, then he positively cracked up as he 'surprised' baby Kai :) Kai really enjoyed the attention, too. Rafi is very engaging with his young friends.

he wasn't very interested in story or circle time today. but chose to explore on his own and have some quiet time.

He used his hands as a stencil for art today as we created cut out decorations for our classroom.

As he was falling asleep he talked a lot about mamma and dada and the car!"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh no, crash!

Raf still babbles a lot, interspersed with the odd recognizable word. For all we know he could be chatting up a storm and we're just not getting it, but tonight he said what I think is his first time at putting a few words together. While playing with his trains, he shouted:

"Oh no, CRASH!"

He kept on recreating crash scenes and saying the same phrase! it was very sweet. As he says 'oh no' he puts his hands on his head, and then moves them to his mouth when he says 'crash'! It was quite a dramatic performance :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raf on the beach

We had a photoshoot of Raf done in September. Here are a sneak peek of some of the pics. There are over a 100 more - and some of them are even sweeter! I don't know how we'll choose. Any strong preferences?