Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Skate Park!

We headed up to Scarborough Skate Park recently - after a few tentative moments the boys were off and rolling....!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Some steps!

Hats finally is taking some steps. She just took off on Thursday... no 2-3 steps... at least 6 or 7! She waited a few days before trying it out again! And she is off!

A glimpse of summer

Summer is flying by. I start teaching in just over two weeks and the boys begin school in 3 weeks. We've been cramming lots in, though! Here are a few snapshots of the middle part of summer.


 A pool party play date!

So many beach days.

Sometimes with friends.

Music in the park.

And yes, more beach.

Water park birthday party for Raf and Charlie had a play date there with Violet.

Whilst Daddy had a day with the Hatts.

Then to Harriet's favorite place: the beach.

More friends.

Train time.

Scooter time.

Some OOB fun with the entire family.

Yes, we won.... after spending a fortune!

Followed by chips on the beach.

And here we are at the beach... again!

Then a movie in the park.

And too few of these: a stunning morning walk with Raf and the pups.

Escaping the heat.

And Rich got to join us for some beach time.

We've been so lucky with the weather... and I;m now off to take the kids to the beach again :)