Saturday, September 24, 2016

7 Year Wellness Check

This sweet kiddo - over 4 feet tall and 55 pounds. A wee bit panicked as he endured two inoculations, but otherwise he seems super healthy and is indeed thriving. As I went to pick him up a little earlier from school before his appointment, the new admin assistant said how sweet he'd been when he recently read the school greeting and announcements over the loud speaker. Another admin assistant told me, 'he's one of my favorites'! 

Waiting outside the Drs yesterday... They were finishing up a peanut butter bar and Raf reminded me we couldn't take anything peanut related into the office. Clever boy. 

And here is Raf, proud as punch, in his team football photo. 

Goodbye, Summer 2016

We've had a beautiful summer, which has extended well into September. We've tried to take advantage, and a couple of weeks ago we headed down to the beach after school for what felt like our final beach afternoon/evening of the season. We also managed to rope in some of our dear friends.

It also happened to be an excellent evening for breakers. I joined the kids for a while on Charlie's boogie board, and I'm not certain who was having more fun.

A really fabulous evening, with a skyline that was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Goodbye, Summer 2016. You have been AMAZING!

But then, this past week, we made it down for one final time... and found some new friends. A little girl from Charlie's preschool who has a brother in first grade at Raf's school.

I'm hoping that some bright sunny autumnal day will bring us to the beach once again for some swimming time, but I think that this might be it. Farewell summer.

Friday, September 23, 2016

School! (A bit late!)

Very behind in blogging as life is very busy, but Raf started SECOND grade (how is this possible), and Charlie started preschool. It's been a pretty smooth transition and we've had a lovely new nanny, Ashley, looking after Harriet and picking up Charlie when he finishes school.  Raf has been adjusting really well, and has a lovely new teacher. He's mostly with his old friends, which I'm sure has helped. 

Charlie started at the local Montessori, which is really going well, too. His good friend Benjamin from next door is also there, and that's made things easier for Charlie. On the first day, when all the other new 3 year olds were starting (lots of tears and nerves) Charlie was like, 'yeah, see you mum'!

Charlie did pick out some lovely fluffy, baby blue, teddy bear slippers for school, which reminded me that, yes, he's only 3. So sweet. 

The slippers :)

Here we go.

Dropping off big brother Raf... I couldn't get a pic of Charlie at drop off, but there is a little routine he  goes through when he gets to school: bathroom, wash hands, hang up bag and coat, put on slippers, write name on chalk board.

Raf didn't get the bus the first day, but he's been getting it a couple of times a week... Here the crew are waiting for Bruce the bus driver.

Monday, September 5, 2016


A few weeks ago the boys signed up for a couple  of weeks of swim camp. We haven't been doing lessons this summer so they were excited to get back in the pool water. They both sported new goggles.. 

And while they swam, the director of the pool offered to take Hatts in. She LOVES water so much.

After that we signed up for the family plan so we can bring Hatts whenever we want. I took advantage and took her in when the boys were swimming, and Rich, on his one day off, took her in for some more swim time. She doesn't mind being pulled right under the water, and is actually a little daredevil!

 The boys had an excellent time... and by the mid way point of the second week Charlie was swimming all by himself! Amazing.