Friday, September 23, 2016

School! (A bit late!)

Very behind in blogging as life is very busy, but Raf started SECOND grade (how is this possible), and Charlie started preschool. It's been a pretty smooth transition and we've had a lovely new nanny, Ashley, looking after Harriet and picking up Charlie when he finishes school.  Raf has been adjusting really well, and has a lovely new teacher. He's mostly with his old friends, which I'm sure has helped. 

Charlie started at the local Montessori, which is really going well, too. His good friend Benjamin from next door is also there, and that's made things easier for Charlie. On the first day, when all the other new 3 year olds were starting (lots of tears and nerves) Charlie was like, 'yeah, see you mum'!

Charlie did pick out some lovely fluffy, baby blue, teddy bear slippers for school, which reminded me that, yes, he's only 3. So sweet. 

The slippers :)

Here we go.

Dropping off big brother Raf... I couldn't get a pic of Charlie at drop off, but there is a little routine he  goes through when he gets to school: bathroom, wash hands, hang up bag and coat, put on slippers, write name on chalk board.

Raf didn't get the bus the first day, but he's been getting it a couple of times a week... Here the crew are waiting for Bruce the bus driver.

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