Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fun and Friends

January has been kind in terms of the weather, and we've been having some fun at the Yard!


Fun with bricks...

Future engineers and architects, perhaps.

and after a quick snack at the Yard...

We discovered an ice cream stand right outside.... selling vegan ice-cream! Yummy.

And a quick trip to the library.

And then some friend fun at the local trampoline place.

Even Hatts had a blast.

And then some outdoor fun... scooting neighborhood buddies.

And of course some naps :)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Seven and a HALF!

On the 7th, Raf turned 7 and a half! That marks over eight years of blogging for us! He celebrated by scoring 7 goals... and then, a trip to LL Bean to pick up some new shoes and a coat.

And, as always, cake!

Teaching Hatts to do 'thumbs up!'

New Years!

Very behind on blogs but here's our New Years Eve and Day pictures. As has become a tradition, we started the day celebrating at the Children's Museum in Portland. They do a 12pm balloon drop pajama party! Lots of museum fun first.

A quick snack!

We went from pretend cupcake making there to proper cake making at home!

And then new years tea!

And we waited for the big countdown on the BBC iplayer... celebrating UK time!

Big Ben fireworks.

The next morning I ran to the beach - an incredibly treacherous time as it was slippery but so worth it to watch the first sunrise of the year.  I was solo this year as Raf has made it to 10:30 the previous night so was sound asleep. There was a line of clouds blocking the horizon so I ran on the beach a bit until the sun came into view. Well worth it.  

and then back to enjoy some lovely breakfast.

And then the boys and I went sledging. So much fun on their rings. And SO fast as it was still so icy. 

And whilst we were there we enjoyed the first sunset of 2017. A magical day.