Thursday, December 31, 2015

Boxing Day(s)

One of our favourite days, and this year Rich wasn't working (it landed on a Saturday). A day for playing, eating, and trying to get in a brisk walk. 

Everyone is a fan of cars in this house. Indeed Hatts' very favourite toys are the boys hot wheel cars.

A nice brunch fry-up... with brown sauce and a pint.

And we even snuck in a walk with good friends.

I got to wear my lovely boots again, and Hatts and I wore out pink hats (me with the label still on it!). Yes, Chaz is in shorts... it was very dark by the time we got home, but when we did we enjoyed our Boxing Day tradition of crackers, cheese (vegan), and lots of pickles from the English store (which cost untold amount of money... probably a dollar per pickled onion!)

And even though it wasn't officially Boxing Day the next day, of course, we continued in the festive spirit, wearing new Christmas teeshirts from our lovely friends and then heading for a play date with Rafi's best pals.

here's the crew.

Raf and Gideon.. shy and retiring...

And then home to watch Stick Man on the computer (finally worked out how to watch the BBC iPlayer. Hurrah!). Utterly absorbed.

And then lots of playing with the copious amount of play doh toys the boys received,

Charlie's snowman!

Very proud.

And Hatts played with a teething ring to sooth her poor gums :(

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Amazingly Raf slept in until 6am! He'd woken an hour earlier and I said it was the middle of the night and to try to go back to sleep, and he did. A Christmas miracle! But as soon as he was awake (and Hatts, too), they were AWAKE! Raf hopped into our bed and eagerly awaited the awakening of young Charlie - who he helped along a bit.  As soon as Charlie stirred he was in the thick of things, groggy with sleep but excited as could be. 

What's going on?

Stockings! Charlie digs in and Hattie watches on.

Ta da!

A pineapple!

Ninja fans!

The first octonaut (first of many...)

And then we headed downstairs... Such excitement. Charlie could hardly believe it. 

Father Christmas had been....

And the kids opened the presents from him. He generally brings the children three toys... Of course mostly octonauts but also a rugby ball for Rafi.

Just a bit excited!

There were dinosaur eggs in the boys' stockings so they got to work on hatching them.

And Hatts got a cute little doll.

After a bath... bright red but happy with his loot.

Rich helps to prepare breakfast. Another Christmas miracle.

Breakfast table full of toys.

Charlie helped himself.

Hatts was happy.

And more pressies.

And really, really cool skateboards from Granddad and Grandma.

A gift from the children.

And more for Hatts.

Weather was glorious (60 degrees) and so I took her for a run during her nap time.

I'd been a lucky girl and got some new wellies. Perfect for a walk on the beach.

Whilst Charlie napped Raf practices on his skateboard.

And when we came back in the dinosaurs had hatched.

And dinner was served. Nana had cooked us up a feast. A major gift not having to cook.

And then we opened the last of the presents. 

All the beautiful, special ornaments.