Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Advent Days Eight, Nine, and Ten

Advent: Day 8

One of our favourite advents is our annual christmas picnic... this year whilst watching 'The Snowman'.

Raf prepared all the floor seating...

Getting cosy.

Even the Hatts joined in.

Advent: Day 9

Harriet sleepily looks on... 

Making cards for our friends!

First, Harriet and Charlie had fun with Yadera... this is Hatts in her Christmas antlers! So funny and sweet.

And then after school card-making. Harriet mostly scrunched up paper (in her new high chair).

Raf looking a bit worried.

Serious business. 

or not.

Very industrious. 

Rich made a lovely one.

Advent: Day 10

Tired, but desperate to see what is in store for them...

Aw, card delivery!

Another balmy day, so after school we delivered the cards in our neighbourhood. We were joined but some of our favourite neighourhood children and it turned into a very fun hour (me with 5 kids, 2 dogs, all the coats of said kids who got too warm, and a pile of cards!)

Not what we envisaged... !

Making a delivery to Janet.

Wait for meeeeee!

Ava helping pop some in some boxes.

And Charlie hand delivers one to our neighbour, Jean.

And finally one for Donna and Sam.

Luckily Donna popped out and we spent a nice 20 minutes chatting whilst the kids played.

The crew (I was wearing Harriet).

And then our own postbox... what's inside? Yummy, some cookies for all the hard work of card delivery.

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