Sunday, December 6, 2015

Advent: Days Three and Four

Advent countdown has kept us very busy. On day three the boys and I baked some cookies for a neighbour! As soon as Raf wakes up he's immediately up to find the Elf and their little note :) Here he is getting ready for some after-school baking fun, and with a very bleary eyed Raf.

Look, Charlie!

After school, and before swimming, the boys and I got to work... vegan cookies coming up.

Hatts looked on...

Raf was very nervous that I let Charlie loose with the 'wet ingredients'.

Mix, mix, mix.

Team work...


Raf enjoyed a little sampler and Charlie got down to some beats.

Raf and I delivered the cookies on Saturday... !

Day Four

An easy one but always a favourite: cookies, hot chocolate, and reading in bed... 

Hatts was so tired after a very busy day (Raf had had his first basketball practice) so I got her to sleep before the boys came upstairs.

Very excited!

Yummy! Charlie isn't a fan of hot chocolate so he made do with milk. And hurrah for Oreos being vegan!

I can spy a little Hatts in the background...

Lots of cookies being eaten...

And some books being read.

A very lovely way to end the week... 

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  1. So much advent fun! I'm loving your advent posts Alex, and hope to catch up on them all. I hope you're all well and loving the festive season. Have plenty of fun! It's shocking how quickly the time flies and the kids just don't stay little for long! I'm endeavouring to keep up with your blog a little more as it's always a wonderful read. Emma x