Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advent: Day Five

One of our favourite advent activities is the annual 'Breakfast with Santa' at UNE. It's an early start but always worth it (especially given the fried potatoes they always serve!). The boys were very excited, and as an added bonus we had some of Raf's and Charlie's friends joining us!

Rohit and his family were there. Raf confided in me that he didn't know if it was the real Santa but he told Rohit not to tell the little guys.

And so lucky that Cameron was able to come, too!

After some breakfast the kids did some arts and crafts.

Charlie was especially taken with the snowman someone helped him make. UNE students run the day so it was fun to see some of my own students helping the boys.

And THEN.... Father Christmas arrived. We weren't prepared for Charlie's reaction. He ran over to the window, climbed up, and as Santa drew up in his sleigh Charlie began bellowing through the window: "Father Christmas, are you coming in?" I only caught the end of it on video, but I had tears streaming down my face, it was so sweet and funny. Everyone was laughing and a man exclaimed to me, 'that's the funniest kid I've ever met'!

No one could say that Charlie is shy...!

And then the Oliver-Campbell boys were first in line to meet Santa.

Harriet was less enthused.

Poor Hatts.

Not a happy camper. I grabbed her as soon as it was apparent that she wasn't going to relax. We've officially hit stranger anxiety stage.

One of my favourite pictures ever of Charlie!

After meeting Mr and Mrs Claus, we headed out for a sleigh ride. The weather was gorgeous.

Best friends (though missing the third member of the team).

 Hatts was happier chilling out in the foyer.

But we headed back in for some more arts and crafts...

On our way out, Charlie went in to say goodbye to Father Christmas. Mrs. Claus turned to Santa and said, 'Charlie's going', and they all waved goodbye. He clearly made an impression :)

After a fun packed morning we headed to a birthday party, which was tons of fun. Hatts helped me sort the washing out before we headed out yet again to see the 'Festival of Lights' parade.

Thankfully it wasn't too chilly and mum joined us, too.

Wow... such beautiful lights!

Nana and Raf taking the parade very seriously.

A really fun, exhausting day. So much Advent fun packed into a short Saturday.

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