Thursday, December 3, 2015

Advent: Days One and Two

It's that tine of the year again... Advent countdown. It's such a fun and very busy time with activities everyday to help us get into the festive spirit. This year our Elf (a nice, kind helpful Elf!) is introducing the little notes to the children... We usually aim to get our tree on the 1st but alas work got in the way so we began day one with a Christmas movie with friends. 


Our lovely neighbours hosted, and we had a really fun after school play date with some of our very favourite friends. Shannon also provided lots and lots of yummy snacks and the kids dressed in their pajamas.

It started off well, and then the boys ran around like lunatics as we attempted, at first, to watch Home Alone and then The Polar Express. Nonetheless, lots of fun was had by all.

4 boys and two little girl babies... !

Day Two

The Elf again introduced the card for day two...

What can it be?

Hatts was excited!

Raf was already working on his card when I came home from work.

Charlie slept and we worked on Raf's and Harriet's...

This year Octonauts are featuring highly. The boys just discovered the show... so Raf has asked for two octonauts 'Gups' and a rugby ball. Charlie has asked for three different octonauts, and Harriet wants a toy phone(!), a doll, and sippy cup (as decided by her older brothers).

Charlie was less than enthusiastic about working on his, exclaiming, "I'm a little guy, can someone help?"

Raf drew a picture for him, and he exclaimed, 'Raf, that is VERY kind of you'!

We'll post them soon.. !

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  1. Enjoy advent with your lovely family, Alex. Charlie's comment about needing help is just too cute!
    You have a gorgeous family. It was so nice to catch up on your blog. I can't believe how big Harriet has got already. She's so beautiful.
    Wishing you all lots of fun in the build-up to the big day. xx