Saturday, December 19, 2015

Advent: Days Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen

A very lovely week of activities to catch up on. 

Advent: Day 11

One of the boys' favourites.

When we arrived back from basketball there was a note on the door...

And as we walked in we discovered the trail..

Whoever it was had handily left a trail of candy canes for us to follow with very helpful arrows.

Um... who left a banana in the bed!

Phew... another trail of canes through their messy dressing room.

What's this? chocolate...

And incredibly excitement... an elf on the shelf DVD!

Advent: Day 12

A beautiful weather day this Saturday, and the Elf must have known as we headed to the Trolley Museum for a winter ride with some best friends. Last year this activity was frigid so it was a treat to go in such balmy temps.

These two are so bloomin' sweet.

Best friends (missing one other, though).

The gang. I was on the kids' table.

We even rung the bell... including me.

Hatts had a fabulous time, too.

Such a fabulous time, made all the better with the addition of friends.

Advent: Day 13

Yes, the day had arrived... our now annual outing on the Candy Cane Train! Both boys were very, very much looking forward to this one.

Getting ready. Not looking very festive, but certainly looking very stylish is Charlie...

Patiently waiting for us to leave... and all playing together with the yellow school bus.


We made it up there and spent some time checking out the brilliant train track they have on display.

All aboard.

We had terrible seats and Rich and I had no view at all, but the boys looked on as we hurtled along the coastal tracks.

And then this guy put in an appearance...

And then cookies...

And dancing elves.

And storytelling.

And caroling.

And then back to the train track for one last quick peek.

Goodbye for another year.

With a quick trip to Freeport and the English shop to pick up some Christmas treats.

Advent: Day 14

Gingerbread houses!

Harriet getting ready....

All excited.

We had some issues getting the roof to stick... but mum came to the rescue.

Fun, fun, fun.

Ta da! I am the least crafty person I know... so here's what you get :)

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