Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent: Days Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One. Twenty-Two, and Twenty-Three

Another busy week of fun stuff with the children... Last Saturday was one of our favorites thus far, a neighbourhood Christmas party. Very exciting. 

But in the morning we headed out for another Christmas treat... to visit our friends' lovely 'old fashioned' shop (as the boys refer to it) to pick out some old Christmas books. Beth and Scott are some of our very favourite people in the States. They have a wonderful Christmas tree!

The boys got to explore the old store, which had once been a bank (a very cool safe was still there) as well as a general store many decades ago. And then they picked out some gorgeous old books... and Beth and Scott very, very kindly gave the books to them as a gift. Very lucky.

And then we were off to our Christmas party.

Our hosts were so thoughtful! They organized arts and crafts activities for the children, put together sweet little goodie bags, and we'd also arranged a secret Santa for each child.. It was a super evening with good food, great drinks, and wonderful people.

The boys of Egret Cove.

And then some dancing.. !

The children were pretty exhausted the next morning and slept in past 6am! A Christmas miracle for us all.

Raf and Charlie were clutching their little gifts from the nigh before for the entire day... including this beautiful ornament.

We headed to the mall... and the children loved seeing the train track (They'd already seen it at the Candy Cane Train depot).

And we grabbed some lunch at the food court (I don't know that we've done that before.. very exciting!)

And we rode the carousel, with Harriet's first time.

And then we returned home to wrap all the presents that Raf had gotten for all his teachers.. he wanted to get something for everyone (the art teacher, gym teacher, secretary, etc.. ) so it was a lot of work :)

Charlie helped by putting the gifts in a big box.

The next morning someone was very tired... but it was party day at school, so very exciting.

Hatts can't quite crawl but she can somehow always get to the tree...

The activity was making cupcakes... but the postman delivered some frames to make for their friends so we did that instead.. It was super fun.

They picked out pictures of their friends to put inside.

Ta da!

Raf had left a note for the Elf that evening, and even left a photograph.

Yes! We'd been looking forward to this... especially as we knew they'd be some of our best friends going and also a keg of beer :)

The littlest two hadn't been feeling too well so we stayed home and played with play doh.

And then we braved some shops in the pouring rain... Chaz had a super time.

And before the party we managed to get to those cupcakes....

The boys did all the work themselves.

beautiful :)

And then to the party. I didn't take many photos but it was a really great night. It was fabulous. We're so lucky to have a wonderful community.. A hanukah party, a Christmas party, and a Solstice party within a two week period!

The kids were going wild so Margaret popped on the TV and look at these kids... Mesmerized.

To say the boys were tired the next day would be a gross under exaggeration. But up they struggled (thankfully not a school day)...

And there's that Elf hiding in the school bus.

Helping Hands!

We headed out to make deliveries. So helpful!

We walked around our neighbourhood (me with the dogs, bags of goodies, and three kids!)

I'm so excited!

A very fun time.. and today it's Christmas Eve and it's time to get read for Father Christmas.

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