Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is one of our favourite days of the year.. it's always a day getting ready for Father Christmas. All the anticipation!

And so it began with baking: a fruit cake and cookies for Santa,

These funny loons.

They did a very nice job working together...

Hatts watches on.. I'm sure she'll be helping more next year.

And then on to cookies!

As we always do, these past few years at least, we headed to the bookstore where we met Rich (who'd been working for a few hours) for a last minute mooch, and more importantly, a sweet treat and a hot something.

And then off home for some lovely soup. Yummy.

And then to hang stockings.

To leave some food and drinks for our friends.

And I even managed to get a semi decent shot of these three, even though Harriet was on the verge of a tiredness breakdown.

Just checking things...

And then a new tradition: a christmas eve book to open and read.

A Christmas Carol.

A lovely lovely day and night.

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