Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Week

It's been a busy week for the Oliver--Campbells and I haven't had a chance to blog. Thus a few quick pics I snapped during the week.

Here's Raf last Sunday on his big boy bike. We inherited it from some neighbors whose grandson outgrew it. He loves to ride on it.

We looped around the neighbourhood on his bike and then came back from the scooter. He hasn't been on his scooter for a long while and he was so much better on it when he tried again. 

Meanwhile, Charlie enjoyed his first back carry in the Beco. He gets a great view of things riding on my back.

And it also means that I can pick up Rafi and hold both boys at once!

Post biking, walking, scooting - I tried unsuccessfully to get them down for a nap.

On Monday morning I went for a morning run and met the boys at the beach. Bliss. It was a hot one so it was lovely to paddle in the water. 

Some of us, though, didn't stick to paddling. Raf gradually stripped himself down...

... and was soon running naked through the water. 

The next day Charlie got really close to crawling. Alas, he's just crawling backwards. It's a sad day indeed when you crawl away from toys you're desperately trying to get.

Later, though, we enjoyed a nice lunch time nap together. 

On Tuesday evening, after school, I took Raf to his first big boy swim class. Usually one of us is in the water with him but he clings to our neck and it's difficult to get him to try and do what the teacher says. He was so much better without us in the pool, and though he kept saying - en route there - that he wanted me to go in with him, once we were there he was not in the least bit apprehensive. 

The next day, before school, the boys enjoyed morning cuddles. 

And I was amazed that my rose from mother's day last year was blooming! I really thought we'd killed it. 

Charlie had a busy day playing... 

... and napping. 

And then helped me with some work in my office. 

And more napping... 

Someone's awake!

After a very hot beginning to the week we had some very soggy weather. We bought up Raf's Thomas tunnel from the cellar and both boys had quite a bit of fun playing in there. 

On Saturday, after gym class, Rafi, Charlie and I went to our friends' house. We had a super fun play date with Raf's old playmate, Rory and his new brother, Jordy (Charlie's new pal) and we were joined by the lovely Karla and her boys - Colby and Sawyer.  They play so well together, and it's always really wonderful to spend time with their mums.

As I was getting Charlie out of the car when we returned home, I looked around and all of a sudden I saw Rafi on the roof of the car!

This morning the boys met me at the beach post-run, and again we had some naked streaking. Rich and Raf had a lot of fun splashing one another.

And Charlie fell asleep in the Ergo... 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Not Really Crawling

Charlie is so desperate to crawl. Alas, he still can't propel himself forward, but he's great at doing pushups, plank, and scooting backwards. He's becoming so frustrated, though I think he must be so close. Come on, Charlie boy, you can do it!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Park Fun

After school on summer evenings I try to take the boys to the park or beach, especially when Rich is at college. Today we headed to the park and the boys had so much fun. Raf is really friendly and loves to play with other kids who might be there. This evening he was in luck as there was a little boy his age as well as two other boys and a little girl. They played so well together! The 6 year old boys pretended to be tigers and monsters and chased Raf and his 2 little friends around - the two little boys squealing in delight. It morphed into a game of hide and seek - with all of them being terrible hiders. It was so funny to watch. Charlie got in to the action with some swing time and Raf joined us for a few minutes before going back to play more hide and seek. We didn't get home until close to 7pm!