Thursday, June 20, 2013

Park Fun

After school on summer evenings I try to take the boys to the park or beach, especially when Rich is at college. Today we headed to the park and the boys had so much fun. Raf is really friendly and loves to play with other kids who might be there. This evening he was in luck as there was a little boy his age as well as two other boys and a little girl. They played so well together! The 6 year old boys pretended to be tigers and monsters and chased Raf and his 2 little friends around - the two little boys squealing in delight. It morphed into a game of hide and seek - with all of them being terrible hiders. It was so funny to watch. Charlie got in to the action with some swing time and Raf joined us for a few minutes before going back to play more hide and seek. We didn't get home until close to 7pm! 

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