Sunday, June 2, 2013

Brothers part 100.

Charlie and Rafi are such good friends, and of course they're also siblings with all the wonder that goes with that. Raf loves cuddling Charlie and he really is so gentle. Today, when we went for a run, I could hear him playing, 'this little piggy' with Charlie's toes as they sat in the stroller. And when Charlie banged his head with a toy he was playing with, Rafi gently kissed his head and said, 'it's okay, Charlie'. Raf is very nurturing and always says soothing things when Charlie is upset in the car. Such sweet boys. 

And then of course there are toys... and sharing is difficult! Here is Charlie playing with Raf's trains... and breaking the tracks. Ack.

And someone thinks it's funny.

We had a lovely time last week at a memorial day cookout with some friends from work. It's always fun for the boys to wear the same shirts. Raf calls them their 'party shirts'.

And these are their superman swimming suits. I bought these for the boys last year and had fun imagining them wearing them before Charlie even joined us earth-side.

Today we discovered that Charlie loves legos. We'd kept the big blocks around as we were worried about the small pieces with such a little baby, and I'm glad we did as both boys had a lot of fun.

In between lego building we had a fun family run. Charlie slept and Raf kept asking if we could run past his friends/ Denny's and Rowan's houses. These houses are quite far away from our house so I hoped that running past Ayala's house would suffice.

Home and more legos.


  1. Super sweet post of the on-going adventures of 'The Brothers.' xx