Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spring Weekend

We had a very busy weekend. Yesterday Raf had gym class and he was very excited that his best friend Rowan came along. Row joined us for a playdate afterward, which made Raf's day. We tried to have them take a nap together but it wasn't very successful. 

In the midst of their 'nap' I took off with Charlie for a run to the beach. (Don't worry, Rich and Rowan's dad were holding things down)/

In the afternoon we headed to Addie and Calla's house for a naighbourhood performance. Raf had woken up grumpy and was still tired so he mostly just watched the dancing but he did try on the costume that Addie had gotten ready for him!

When we got home Raf made a really impressive train track. Rich helped connect some of the pieces but this track was mostly made all by Raf's self. Charlie looked on as Raf worked.

A quieter Sunday... here's funny Charlie falling asleep spread Eagle in his swing.

Silly faces.

Boys' eating... (Raf was insisting on being photographed).

And post-bath cuddles.


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  2. What adorable photos--the last three are precious!