Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 Months!

Hattie is growing so much. She had her 2 month check up yesterday and she's looking great. We increased her reflux medication as she outgrown the dosage she was formally on, but aside from that she is growing really well and is very happy. We have a cardiology appointment coming up in a couple of months, but we're not going to worry about anything until that time. She is 10 pounds 6oz and 23 inches. She's much smaller than the boys at this point in terms of their head size and girth(!), but she's in the 53rd percentile for height, and 30 something percentile for weight (and a very normal head size!).

She's smiling a lot and is beginning to coo. She loves to watch the boys play, and whilst they're a bit less interested in her, the boys do enjoy showing her a lot of love.

On Sunday we hit the Children's museum and of course Hatts slept most of the time in her moby, but she did wake up long enough to check out a few things, including the boys having their faces painted.  Excuse my rain ridden hair.. and Harriet's, too!

One of her other favourite things is her jungle gym. She can happily lie around as the boys play next to her, and sometimes I can even get dinner cooked. 

Sweet harriet, 

Tired out from all that playing.

Monday, June 29, 2015

First week of summer!

We've enjoyed a fun packed week of no school. It's been lovely not having to rush off in the morning to school, in fear of receiving a tardy (only one this year... completely my fault). On Tuesday we headed to the Burmans' house for a pre birthday party. Sadly they'll be missing Raf's party but they put on a surprise party for Raf! Lovely surprise with special, favourite snacks for the boys, presents, and sangria for this mama. Much needed, frankly!

Addie and Calla singing happy birthday - absolutely beautifully!

Hatts hanging out with Margaret and the girls.

The next day we had a super play date with Raf's buddy Rohit and his siblings. I will tell you that leaving the beach with a howling baby and a tired toddler plus beach toys, blankets, and bags... was HORRIFYING! But worth it... as the boys had so much fun. Rohtit's mum is lovely, so it was another fun playdate for us all.

5 kids and one in the moby.

Jumping waves...

When we returned from the beach (again, HORRENDOUS!) we decided to hit a children's concern. I keep forgetting his name, but apparently the entertainer is something of a Maine household name (Rick Cherette, I think!) The boys had a brilliant time dancing around, and beforehand playing games and eating free food :)

Quite sedate at first...

And then they let loose...

All om stage!

The next day Charlie managed to get his kite to fly...

And Hatts got some thinking time in.

We got to enjoy some beautiful time at the beach on Thursday evening. My very favourite time to be there. I limited the children to toys they could carry and only brought one towel. A really lovely hour with my lovely loves.

Worn out from the beach... Hatts had fallen asleep on me again and I managed to extract myself for a few minutes.

And Raf inserted himself.

Friday was a day for running chores (new running shoes for the boys) and we spent much of Saturday in the garden. Raf helped to plant a flower for Harriet as she watched on. He said to me, as I weeded a little way away, 'I just rocked her when she woke up, mummy'.

And then he scaled a tree... well, with some help.

And then Raf did, too.

Rich was out for the evening and after I braved a dinner time trip to the shops with the children, we arrived home and as I made homemade pizzas and the boys played happily in our new dig out flowerbed. I could hear lots of laughter... and then I discovered...

THIS! They'd been playing 'mud angels' and were covered, and I mean covered, in mud. I popped them into the bath as dinner grew cold on the table, and we ate dinner just before collapsing into bed.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Goodbye Kindergarten!

Raf has his final day of kindergarten on Monday! How fast the year has gone by, but it's been a super year for him. He's honestly enjoyed it so much, meeting new friends, learning new things, and enjoying - especially - choice time and recess! The preceding week was super fun with a celebration party we all went to, Pirate Day, Beach Day (tell me I'm not the only person who truly thought it was a proper beach day?!, and Field Day. 

Raf showing us his work books! Mrs. Marshall measured them on the first and last day of class.. Raf grew 2 and a quarter inches!

The PLAY! So funny and sweet.

Raf watching the fabulous slideshow put together by Mrs. Marshall.. link here:

Mrs. Marshall Slideshow

Charlie thinks it's funny, too!

After party hugs with some of his best friends Gideon, Niyah, and I think Tyler is in there somewhere!

And then it was to Toys R Us to get Raf a last minute Pirate costume (I am not handy... buying was my only option!) Chaz joined in with his construction costume.

Such a super week, indeed year. Here's Raf on the very first day of the year.

And then his final day... 

Flowers to celebrate! We also bought the teachers some flowers (along with one of my mummy friends), some chocolate and gift cards. We also received his final report card. He has done so well...! He's reading ahead of his grade and has made such brilliant progress. We're really proud. The best thing for us is that he loves school and loves learning. And the other great news is that we have Mrs. Bogardus for a teacher next year. It's a sort of multiage room. He's in there with some of his good pals, though Rohit is so far in a different room. Raf will also two big kids in the room (second graders... 2 Addies!).  And now it's time for summer!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week in Pics

Between a new baby, two other kids, Rich beginning a new job which means he returns late in the day, and online teaching - life is absolutely frantic. I'm writing this with Hattie in the Moby, asleep, as this is her favourite place to snooze. This is a good thing because it means that I have hands free to hang out with the boys. Almost everyday, depending on the weather, Charlie, Harriet and I pick up Raf from school and head to the play ground. Charlie acts like the big kids, and terrifies me slightly as he climbs the big climbing frame, swings high on the big kid swings, and hangs with his big boy friends, especially Nyah and Brodie!

More fun is to be had in our neighbourhood. We have so many great neighbours and friends - and the boys have tons of friends to hang out with, too. We walk around the neighbourhood picking up play dates, the grown-ups getting to chat (and sometimes drink beer, wine, and sangria en route!). We are often out there for a couple of hours.. it's really lovely.

Sprinkler fun...

This week we took Raf's training wheels off his bike. He did so well and would ride for a few seconds without Rich holding on but on realizing he was cycling on his own, would panic and stop. He hasn't tried again, but we're hoping he can find some courage and get back on.

Charlie also mastered his tricycle! His little legs now reach the pedals..

And here is Hatts hanging out..  tolerating so well the schlepping around.

Even to swimming...

And being loved on by the boys and Benjamin!

And morning snuggles.

Raf is really into dressing himself, at the moment. He likes to pick out 'cool' clothes, and this is one of his ensembles. Charlie is also VERY picky about what he wears, especially the socks he wears. It's getting more tricky to clothe these fellas.

Helpers in the kitchen.. being all cute.

And after this we scooted up to another neighbor's house to watch a play put on by one of their friends.

The weekend was topped off by a really lovely beach picnic with the same neighbours and friends. It was just truly serene.

12 hours later I was back at the same beach for a run. We're so lucky (remind me of this in the midst of winter).

We're also lucky to have older neighbours who are very tolerant of adventurous little boys who are always perilously close to falling on their beautiful garden. This rock is a much beloved climbing challenge.

One of the favourite things to do during the summer is to eat al fresco. With wine..

The boys play really well together.

Charlie is literally hysterical as he watches his brother bounce on his bottom on the trampoline.

And then Chaz has a turn...

These loons.

And then some relaxing to finish off the busy day.