Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 weeks

Hatts had her 5 week check up on Monday. She weighed in at 8 pounds 12 ounces, measuring 21.25 inches long. Poor old Hatts has been dealing with terrible congestion, which we now know is likely not a cold. Since she developed a cough the week before, she's been increasingly uncomfortable. She's not colicky, but after she nurses, usually 30 or so minutes later - she'll be in terrible discomfort. She'll often begin to cough and if it's very bad she'll begin to choke (slightly terrifying) and will bring up a bit of half digested milk. It's usually accompanied by crying, and as soon as it clears she's generally back to her happy self. Deb referred us to see a pediatrician at the weekly clinic they have at her office, and on Thursday we saw another Dr. The pediatrician was actually out sick but we did see a resident who had been there on NICU duty when Hatts was born. It's very likely that the poor girl has GERD (basically acid reflux). Both the boys had lots of reflux but they were very happy spitters and showed very few signs of being in discomfort. Indeed despite lots of washing because of the volumes of spit up, they were both entirely happy and healthy. 

The Dr. suggested that we try her on some baby Zantac. They don't usually prescribe it but it's clear that whilst Harriet is growing very well, she's in a lot of pain at those times. She's been on it for the last couple of days and last night she was so much better, it seemed, and whilst she's still coughing and reflux-y, she seems to be doing much better with the acid... here's hoping. I'm also adjusting how I feed her, with help from the lactation consultant. And on Tuesday Harriet is seeing an osteopath to see if some cranial adjustments would help. 

Tummy time.. not really a fan!

Hattie's first department meeting... The entire department came to our house for the meeting!

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