Monday, June 8, 2015

Best Brothers.

These little monkeys had a difficult week or so when Hatts had been with us for a couple of weeks. They were devoted to their little sister, but arguing more when playing together. We seemed to have turned a corner and they're back to being best friends. Charlie is especially empathetic towards Raf, so if Raf is crying, or he's been a naughty monkey and I've had a few words with him - Charlie will hug and kiss him, reassure him, 'it's okay, Rafi', and has said to me, 'say sorry to Rafi'!

Our other monkey boys. A couple of weeks ago Sammy did a runner and was picked up by the police.. we had to bail him!

All four boys, along with Hatts and I - spend many an hour walking around our neighbourhood, stopping by to see friends and neighbours. We truly live in the best place. I even enjoyed a glass of sangria on my way around the block this weekend!

They like to have chats as they scoot around... 

An early morning jaunt with my favourite crew.

"Come on, Charlie... want o have some cereal with me?"

And of course they love on their sister ALL of the time!

They even tried to sleep in the crib together.. it didn't last long as Charlie moves around so much. When Raf started to cry because it wasn't working out, Charlie ran after him and hugged him saying, 'sorry, Rafi. It's okay'! It's difficult to believe he's only 2 years old. They of course argue lots too, but they're so close and constantly exclaim that they're 'best friends'. May it continue...!  

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