Saturday, June 27, 2015

Goodbye Kindergarten!

Raf has his final day of kindergarten on Monday! How fast the year has gone by, but it's been a super year for him. He's honestly enjoyed it so much, meeting new friends, learning new things, and enjoying - especially - choice time and recess! The preceding week was super fun with a celebration party we all went to, Pirate Day, Beach Day (tell me I'm not the only person who truly thought it was a proper beach day?!, and Field Day. 

Raf showing us his work books! Mrs. Marshall measured them on the first and last day of class.. Raf grew 2 and a quarter inches!

The PLAY! So funny and sweet.

Raf watching the fabulous slideshow put together by Mrs. Marshall.. link here:

Mrs. Marshall Slideshow

Charlie thinks it's funny, too!

After party hugs with some of his best friends Gideon, Niyah, and I think Tyler is in there somewhere!

And then it was to Toys R Us to get Raf a last minute Pirate costume (I am not handy... buying was my only option!) Chaz joined in with his construction costume.

Such a super week, indeed year. Here's Raf on the very first day of the year.

And then his final day... 

Flowers to celebrate! We also bought the teachers some flowers (along with one of my mummy friends), some chocolate and gift cards. We also received his final report card. He has done so well...! He's reading ahead of his grade and has made such brilliant progress. We're really proud. The best thing for us is that he loves school and loves learning. And the other great news is that we have Mrs. Bogardus for a teacher next year. It's a sort of multiage room. He's in there with some of his good pals, though Rohit is so far in a different room. Raf will also two big kids in the room (second graders... 2 Addies!).  And now it's time for summer!

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  1. Congrats Rafi! Such a sweetie. We've been using the library so much the last month. :) J loves reading, too, and it's so fun to have her read to her bros.