Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 Months!

Hattie is growing so much. She had her 2 month check up yesterday and she's looking great. We increased her reflux medication as she outgrown the dosage she was formally on, but aside from that she is growing really well and is very happy. We have a cardiology appointment coming up in a couple of months, but we're not going to worry about anything until that time. She is 10 pounds 6oz and 23 inches. She's much smaller than the boys at this point in terms of their head size and girth(!), but she's in the 53rd percentile for height, and 30 something percentile for weight (and a very normal head size!).

She's smiling a lot and is beginning to coo. She loves to watch the boys play, and whilst they're a bit less interested in her, the boys do enjoy showing her a lot of love.

On Sunday we hit the Children's museum and of course Hatts slept most of the time in her moby, but she did wake up long enough to check out a few things, including the boys having their faces painted.  Excuse my rain ridden hair.. and Harriet's, too!

One of her other favourite things is her jungle gym. She can happily lie around as the boys play next to her, and sometimes I can even get dinner cooked. 

Sweet harriet, 

Tired out from all that playing.

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  1. Harriet is such a beauty! It's incredible how quickly babies lose the newborn look and their character develops.
    Hope you all have a fabulous summer together. xx