Monday, June 8, 2015


Charlie never fails to make us all laugh. He's a very very old two year old. Despite a new stutter he's picked up, he has amazing vocabulary (and a funny sense of humour) and since we bought him a scooter a couple of weeks ago, he's also developed some mad skills on that thing! He is most sweet when he's with Raf and Hatts.  He calls Harriet either 'baby sister', 'sister', Harri Rose', 'baaaby'! He almost squeals when he exclaims, 'she's so cute', and when I asked him if he wanted to go out on a mummy/Charlie date he agreed that he would, except that we should bring the baby (but leave Rafi and Daddy'!)

Good morning, Harri Rose!

Charlie also inherited a cool superman teeshirt with an attached cape from his cousin Rory. It's very funny, especially when he's scooting around the neighborhood, apparently keeping everyone safe.

He's fearless!

And so sweet! morning cuddles with my favourite two year old.

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