Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh, Charlie.

Charlie has started to give a running commentary on how he feels about people (without filter and he's VERY fickle so apologies ahead of time for whatever he may say to you). Today, as the postman stopped to pop some letters in a neighbour's mailbox, which meant he had to stop jumping in a puddle, he berated (with finger wagging and through semi gritted teeth), 'You're a VERY naughty boy. You're ruining our puddle. Get away from it'.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Family Run

Hatts is finally old enough to ride in the running stroller. We all headed out, with the littlest two in the stroller, Raf on his bike, and Rich and I huffing and puffing. Harriet did brilliantly, kicking her socks off once and falling asleep by the end. 

5 Months old

Hatts turned 5 months old yesterday. She's such a funny, sweet girl, is rolling over (mostly from her back to her tummy), is close to sitting up, and is desperate to move. She is doing so well with our new sitter, drinking milk, taking a nap, and being a generally happy little girl. 

In her party dress... thanks, Aunty Bex!

Cuddle with Daddy.

 12:40am... sound asleep after a midnight feed.

Really Goodbye to Summer...!

A couple of weeks ago we were treated to some beautiful mid September weather. Took advantage as much as I could and headed to the beach with the children after school, we hit the train station, and we even managed to get some chips! I think the warm beach days are at last over, though. Brilliant summer with these three. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Waiting for the Bus

Raf loves the bus, and that is a vast understatement. I've asked if I can pick him up, so we can play in the play ground, for instance, but he really has no interest. So we wait for the bus each morning and each afternoon. He has lots of little bus friends - mostly Lucy and a couple of boys - Jackson and Quinn (both in his class). 

Here we go... 

Dancing to a bit of Katy Perry as we wait.

Bye, Charlie.

Bye, Rafi. You're my best friend (he now calls this out every time Raf gets on the bus... sniff, sniff).

Even the pups wait...

Here it comes...


And waiting for him to return.

And today, Harriet and I waited on the step whilst Charlie rested.

So happy to have him back.

Lady Hatts

Hatts has had a difficult week with some bouts of vomiting and resurgence in her reflux, so lots of very awful nights (with the day beginning around 2 or 3am), though I think she's on the upswing. Fingers crossed. On Wednesday evening she had her 4 month appointment and weighs in at 13 pounds 3 oz, basically she's double her birth weight. She's 25 inches long and her head is completely normal in size! She is such a sweet girl, loves rolling onto her tummy from her back, she enjoys squealing and grabbing on to everything, exploring new textures as she bunches up whatever she has into her little fists. 

Snoozing after an early start to the day. 

Sporting a new outfit from uncle Christian and Aunty Alice.

Those lovely cheeks.

Found my feet!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Goodbye Summer

A fun packed summer has come to an end. We've tried to make the most of it, even with a return to school. Before Labor Day I managed to squeeze in an after school visit to the beach with some friends... Hatts showing off her new hat! 

Running into neighborhood friends.

Lapping up the sun.

And then on the holiday weekend we took the boys to the train station. Before it opened we headed along the promenade for a scoot.

And then - choo choo - off we go again.

These lovely children - all so tired here - but managing to be so sweet and lovely.

We also managed a quick visit to OOB - for a dip in the sea and some ride on the fairground.

A final evening riding on the boys' favorites.

Raf's face!

Charlie's new boogie board (his original was stolen at OOB), as we met some friends for a beach play date. The weather was amazing.


Raf was poorly the first couple of days of school last week, but we did manage to sneak in another after school beach afternoon.

Even Rich joined us for an hour or so after work.

Hatts feeling the water on her little toes for the first time.

and the sand, too.

Hoping this wasn't our last warm trip to the beach. A brilliant time this summer... already counting down the days until next summer ;)