Thursday, May 28, 2009

49 days to go (35 to full term!)

... not that I'm counting down the days, or anything. Well, tonight I might be as I am extremely uncomfortable. The Poppet had dropped a bit, making me pee every few minutes, and the sonographer I was helping on Friday happened to do my 33 week ultrasound today, and she noted how low his head was in my pelvis. This was making it easier to breathe... and today at the gym I felt wonderful as I was able to breathe somewhat normally. Of course I needed to stop for bathroom breaks every few miles. I also felt some weird sensations in the night... I wondered if they were practice contractions (or, pressure waves, as my hypnobabies study course calls them).

Alas, I don't know how he's managing it, but Poppet is both lower.. yet managing still to squish my lungs so that it's difficult to breathe again. Eek. I am feeling ready to meet this little guy. And at the same time I am wanting to hit the pause button because these weeks are going so fast.

Last night we had our baby basics class. It was a LONG class, but helpful in that it made me think that I know more than I thought! The night before I had my first prenatal yoga class. It was really nice to be around other pregnant women, though I am sure I was the most pregnant. I don't think I'll make it to the end of the course... well, let's hope not :)

Today was the 33 week scan. It wasn't a growth ultrasound (they're every other week), just one that looks to make sure the heart is good, the amniotic fluid is as it should be, and that he's practicing his breathing and has a good heart rate. Everything looked great. He does these whole body movements, which cause my entire stomach to 'wave', it's like having a little alien trying to escape..

In other news, our bathroom renovation took yet another step back when our tub AGAIN arrived and had to be sent back. This time they'd managed to send the wrong colour with the drain in the wrong position. Of course the box said it was the one we needed... you'd think that they might check these things. So, another week before things can even get moving. It's a bit of a nightmare, honestly.

So, this is a whiney blog, but I'm finding that pregnancy is getting really uncomfortable now!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend. We had lots of plans.. and, well, most of them didn't happen because, wowsa, have been hit with some pretty significant fatigue. Today we were meant to head to a BBQ, play tennis, hike with the pups, stain the deck, in between a host of household chores. Alas, not much of that happened. After a trip to the gym, some shopping, cooking, and an hour of staining the deck, I came in and sorted out my clothes, changed the bedding, dusted upstairs, and then I was hit with some pretty awful tiredness. I decided to do some hypnobabies (which I'm really behind on) and, as is the pattern, I fell asleep whilst listening to the scripts. I might be in trouble with this...

Here are a few photos of our weekend.. They're not very exciting - although I am pretty stunned by my ever expansing stomach. I've managed to wear my regular shorts and t-shirts to the gym, but this morning I noted that my t-shirt is getting perilously short! I did take some overdue shots of my tummy this morning, which I may or may not be brave enough to post :) (what has happened to my belly button!?)

I started to begin the long task of sorting through our gifts and nursery, yesterday. it i a tad overwhelming. You can see some of the lovely presents bought by my secret shoppers.. The ergo carrier, infant insert, strap sucky things, a diaper pail, and a bottle sterilizer. I am being uncharacteristically organized. I made labels to put in the drawers in an attempt to separate the various clothing into sizes, and I have been labeling the various different types of diapers and covers and their sizes in the hope that Rich will remember what is what.

Every thing's going well so far... the beginning of an evening walk.

The boys have a habit of going on strike mid walk... This involves them lying on the grass, refusing to move. I doubt that I'll be able to walk the pups with Poppet on my own. Sometimes I wish we had some nice docile labs...

Here I am trying to get them to move...

Where did THAT bump come from! I bumped into a neighbor at the market today, and she noticed for the first time that I'm pregnant! I walk past her everyday - but now it seems there is no hiding things. I am very pregnant.

Kiltie, coveting the rings... he would hate for his brother Sammy to get his nashers on them. Poor Poppet will be lucky to keep his toys.

Standing next to my boat (as we head to the gym)... which I am desperate to take out on the lake. I am perhaps a bit optimistic to think that it might be sometime this summer!

I was curious how pregnant I looked from behind...

Rich, staining the deck...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A week in Snippets

First, a quick overview of quite a busy week!

Monday: saw Deb and everything looks good. Poppet measuring right on target, decent weight gain, blood pressure fine, etc.

Tuesday: Doggy/kiddo class. We are doing everything wrong.. before we left I was lying on the bed and the dogs were barking to come up. I suggested to Rich that we should probably not be letting them up right now... but, as Rich suggested, they really love it on there. Needless to say, this is not how you prepare your puppies for a newborn who will likely be in the bed. Apparently you have to invite them on to the bed - thus showing them who is the leader. The next day they were barking to get on... and, well, I thought it was a good time to invite them up :) Oh deario, so much to put into practice. I asked the leader of the class what to about barking dogs who run from window to window, barking like lunatics, are every squirrel, dog, person, cyclist (and on and on) who dares to pass by on the road. When I explained that these were two Westies, she smiled at me and, without much hope in her words, suggested that we pull the blinds..

Wednesday: 32 week ultrasound. Poppet is clearly a giant baby, weighing in (according to the scan) at 4lbs 10oz, putting him in the 65th percentile, and two weeks ahead. Terrifyingly his head continues to grow at an alarming rate... measuring THREE weeks ahead. Eek. What a brainy kid we'll have.

Unfortunately, on the way back from Panera (where I go to have toast everyday - as toast that I make at home makes me very sick), I was rear ended as I waited at some traffic lights. I wasn't too worried, though I called Deb's office to see if I should look for any indicators that poppet might have been impacted (he was moving a LOT). I chatted to the lovely nurse, Pat, who suggested I monitor things for a while since I hadn't hit my tummy on the steering wheel, but 15 minutes later she called back to say that Deb suggested I go to L&D just in case the seatbelt had tightened around my belly, just to be monitored.

Everything was fine. I was hooked up to a monitor that looks at the baby's heart rate and also to see if I am having contractions. He was perfectly fine... though I apparently have an irritable uterus, which I haven't noticed in the slightest. We didn't get home until close to midnight, though.

Thursday: I can't believe that we 'enjoyed' 90+ degree weather. It wasn't, actually, in the least bit enjoyable, and by the end of the day I was feeling utterly miserable. Fortunately I haven't had too much swelling in my legs, though my feet were killing me by the end of the evening. It wasn't helped by the delivery of our new tub, which turned out to be damaged, thus putting our bathroom renovation behind by at least a week whilst we await a new tub.

Friday: I volunteered to be a practice pregnant patient for a conference being held at Maine Med. They couldn't get anyone else, so I did all three sessions. I just had to lie there whilst various residents and family doctors tried to do a brief ultrasound on the poppet. I was a bit worried about so much u/s, but he didn't seem phased by it at all. As it happens the sonographer leading the groups was someone who we've had before for our regular u/s appointment.

Today: I am procrastinating on the long list of chores I have to do by writing this :) Right now I am in the midst of trying to organize all the gifts and other things lying on the nursery floor. there is just so much stuff.. I barely know where to begin. It also occurred to me, as I sorted though the clothes, that we have virtually no newborn clothes... though, from the size of him, he'll probably fit right into the 3-6 months clothes :)

I'm also currently washing the prefold diapers and fitteds... you need to wash them 6 times, apparently, so they're ready to go.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Secret Shopper

Somewhere out there is a secret shopper... :)

I just received a notification from Maine Diaper Company (one of the places I registered) that a package was on its way. I've resisted looking to see what's been sent! AND, some things from my Babies R Us registry have been bought. I went to buy a diaper pail on Monday and, lo and behold, someone had beaten me to it. A couple of other things had gone, too.

I have an idea as to who these shoppers are... so show yourselves!!!

In other news. I'm about to head to my 32 week scan. On Monday I saw Deb and everything was looking good. Last time I went I was very dehydrated (darn bronchial thing) and had lost a couple of pounds. I even measured a little small for the first time (fundal height). On Monday, however, I had gained back those pounds plus two more putting me at 14 pounds gain in total. The poppet had also gone through a pretty big growth spurt as he was back to measuring right on track again. Clever boy.

What is not so clever is how he is getting so big that my organs are all smooched up. It is getting harder to breathe. Yesterday at the gym I was so breathless walking up the stairs, I realized that I would not be working out. My heart rate also soared after just a mile on the elliptical, so I stopped... I hope today is better. He is sitting very high and I will admit that I am looking forward to the day he drops a bit.

Oh goodness folks, almost EIGHT MONTHS...

WIll have to update about our pets and playpens class last night... a class about introducing your pets to your baby. Oh, we have so much to do. We've done everything wrong :) Well, Rich has...!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Shower!

We had such a nice time on Saturday. Since we don't have a bathroom right now, we headed to the gym in the morning and I was feeling extremely energized. After 6 miles on the elliptical, though, I felt ready for a nap... Alas, no time, as I needed to find something to wear! Rich, though, did manage to nap in the car, outside of Whole Foods... something seemed a bit wrong with this particular picture :)

We were both quite nervous about the day, though. I had visions of different people in their houses in Maine and Massachusetts thinking, 'oh boy, we have a damn shower to go to today'... but we got to Jen's house and already people were there. Fi, Laur, and Ren had driven up from MA. Unfortunately Deb, my Dr., was driving away as we drove up. She had very kindly dropped off food but had to run to her son's baseball game... and didn't get a chance to return. My local friends were there, too, mingling with my work colleagues and friends, and it was quite an eclectic group! I was especially happy that my sociology colleague Joel was able to make it.

People all brought vegan food - and lots and lots of gifts. We received so many sweet, sweet gifts, and Rich and I were both overwhelmed by people's generosity. We received, amongst other things, a sling, boppy, bottles, many receiving blankets, onesies, books, outfits, swaddles, a bathtub and rocker (from my mum.. sent to my home), blankets, rattles, baby books/photo albums, baby monitor, baby bath towels, lots of wipes, burp cloths, baskets, a diaper bag (which is currently being custom made.. THANKS, Kate), diaper covers, and on, and on.. and today, when I went to Babies R Us to pick up a few things, I saw that someone had bought the diaper pail and microwave bottle sterilizer (Kate, I hope you didn't buy even more stuff!!!).

But, frankly, what was just so touching was having some of our favorite people in the world there with us. The food, the company, the ambience.. just perfect. THANKS Jen, David, and Sage :)

Here are a few photos. We didn't take many, unfortunately, but Brian took some of us as we opened the gifts. I look daft in most of them... these are the best of the bunch!

My friend, Linda, is such a talent. She knitted this gorgeous sweater with owls on, made a pottery piggy bank, handmade a bib, and embroidered a picture with Rafi's name... which she'll add a 'date', etc. to when he's born.

Thankfully we got a lot of help unwrapping the gifts. Grace, our neighbor, was especially helpful!

Here we are guessing what this very cute knitted toy is. I guessed straight away... it's a sheep/dog :) Laur is extremely talented.

This very cute outfit from Fi and Laur is the sweetest thing :) It's hard to believe that a little guy will fit in there!

We received so many lovely books. This is from Julia.. and Brian bought us a beautiful book of poetry. The day before one of my doctors had given us a lovely, lovely book of poetry and also a baby yoga book :)

Cute, cute outfit from Beth!

One of the guest stars! I last saw her mama when she was 2 weeks away from giving birth! She is such a sweet thing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's my birthday today! I turned a very young 33 :) Since Rich and I have been so busy, we didn't do a lot to plan for a fun packed day. We actually tend not to celebrate birthdays too much.. though, as with everything else, we've been trying to change our lack of enthusiasm for marking occasions. Despite our lack of planning Rich took the day off work and we headed to North Conway for a spot of hiking and lunch. Frankly I have been feeling so tired this past two days I guessed that I wouldn't really be in the mood for anything strenuous. But off we went... sans the pups who went to doggy spa for the day and evening as our bathroom renovations began today...

The weather was beautiful, and since the drive is so scenic, we had a lovely time just chugging along in the car. Unfortunately we realized that we had forgotten the camera when we arrived at the first beauty spot. We had to make do with my blackerry's camera, which is not very good at all...

I have definitely gone through a growth spurt this past couple of weeks..!!

We had lunch at a cafe... me stealing half of Rich's hummus wrap (I didn't think I could stomach it because I have very strong aversions to hummus in the house). We bought Rafi some cute, cute 'Life is Good' t-shirts and booties and then walked along the promenade where we found a park. We sat there for ages watching the little tykes play on the swings and climbing frames. The cutest little ones were the tiny tots who had evidently just learnt to walk... off they teetered in their diaper clad bottoms, exploring their little worlds...

En route home we listened to old favourties on my ipod, reminiscing about when we had first heard them. We've been together close to 15 years so it was quite the trip down memory lane.

Instead of going home we drove into Portland and, inspired by Sage's birthday trip to Flat Bread pizza, we headed there ourselves. They do a rather nice vegan pizza and I was wanting some big fresh tomatoes. Unfortunately they had NO tomatoes, but the pizza was yummy. It's extremely odd that I could eat this at the restaurant with very little trouble, yet when I thought about what I could have eaten at home I couldn't think of a thing.

So it was a lovely day. Rich had bought me lots of little gifts for Rafi.. as well as some lovely pajamas. Yesterday I returned home to a very large parcel on my doorstep from Kate: the boppy pillow and organic cover from my registry. How lovely...

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's useful/helpful...?

Thanks for your well wishes, everyone, and also your happy mother day wishes! We had a nice low key day... working! Rich is busily finishing up his work for his graduate classes, and I was busily trying to get my online course finished. But after resting all day Saturday and Sunday - physically, at least - I felt a lot better. Some of the aversions of Saturday lessened, thankfully...

Time is going quickly! It's our shower this coming Saturday, and before then it's my birthday! Rich asked what I wanted as a gift and all I could think of were diapers! So yesterday I went to the baby diaper registry and picked myself out some diapers :) Exciting stuff!

Many people have asked us what we need - and whilst I have done a registry I'm wondering if any of you readers can think of any thing that has really helped you or someone you know. I chatted with Kate yesterday who shouted the praises of a pack n' play and generously donated hers. Australian Kate (hi Kate!) had suggested a bumbo seat - which was on my list - but US Kate has also donated that to us, too. Lots of people have mentioned swaddles (thank you Lou and Bistra for sending us some of those already!) a boppy pillow, and a baby gym thing.

Am I missing something really crucial?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

... oh no

I must have surely spoken too soon....

Last night the run of smoothies=good came to an end. Despite taking the max dose of zofran I was sick as can be. And today it's just continued. Pretty horrific nausea - even with the meds - and extreme fatigue. And I am seriously running out of foods to eat. A new day brings a new aversion. Unfortunately, today, it's my trusty smoothie. I did manage a berry one this morning, but the mango one is out, and I am not confident that I could manage another berry one.

I don't know how to describe a food aversion. It's very much beyond a simply like/dislike. Before pregnancy I had no appreciation for this phenomenon. Indeed I think my reaction to pregnant women who had aversions to 'healthy food' was something like this: Oh, come-on. Suck it up.. eat those greens.. aversions are no excuse

Perhaps that karma is coming back to haunt me...

I am beginning to feel ready not to be pregnant.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Diaper Joy

Oh, my! Some diapers arrived today... 3 extra small fitted, 'Thirsties' diapers in extra small. They are so tinsy tiny..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mish Mash

A quick check in to say that I am feeling much, much better. I am still with a bit of a cough and a froggy throat, but it's hard to imagine how much better I feel just a couple of days after taking some meds. I wake up sort of drowsy in the mornings, but poppet seems not to be affected by the codeine... Indeed he is happily moving and shaking as vigorously as ever.

Since I'm a little tired to do an in depth blog, I'll just do a quick bullet point one:

1) Appt with Deb on Monday went well. Aside from the sickness and the fluids and all of that, everything else was seemingly fine. Poppet's heart rate was good, my BP was 104/70 and whilst my uterus was measuring a little 'off', Deb wasn't concerned. I had been spot on until Monday so I am of course a little worried, but the last scan showed good growth, etc. I had actually dropped a couple of pounds since my last appointment, but this was more than likely dehydration and so no doubt I have recouped those pounds and more :)

2) I saw another Dr yesterday - Craig. He heads up the integrative medicine department at our local hospital. He does all sorts of wonderfully hokey stuff, and I've been seeing him for a couple of years to help with my lupus. Mostly I've done guided imagery and medical hypnosis with him, and so since I am doing hypnobabies (yikes, I still have to begin this with some earnest) I checked in with him to see if he could help. I've seen him a few times since we learnt I was pregnant, mostly for relaxation imagery. Yesterday, though, we talked about hypnobabies and I asked him to help with the 'scripts'... Happily, he said yes! So for the next couple of months - until my due date - I'll be seeing him weekly, or every other week, to work on each unit of work.

3) I am almost finished with the semester! Woo hoo. I have some grading to do and meetings to attend, but basically it is almost at a close. I am just teaching one summer course online - which is a relief as two would have been a bit overwhelming.

4) Rich has become very adept at making my smoothies... In 15 years this is about the only thing he's 'cooked' :) Well done, Richie!

5) We have our shower next week!! I am extremely excited about it. It looks as though quite a few people will be there. And today I saw the invitations which Jen had sent to our guests. They are beautiful. THANK YOU, Jen.

6) We decided to get a moses basket... I am now facing the decision about which one to get. Oh boy! A cheapy thing.. or something more expensive with toxins and the environment in mind. There is a MAJOR leap in price. If we do go for a more expensive one we thought about how it might be one of those things you pass down... so it might be nice to invest in something like that.

7) Out bathroom plans fell through AGAIN. So we're back to plan A... which is to renovate our small bathroom. Oh, old houses....

8) Lovely... I experienced the terrible leg swelling in a major way on Tuesday. It wasn't pretty. I was kneeling down for a long while and when I showered I looked down and my thighs had literally doubled in size. I was a bit mortified.. surely, I though, I couldn't have deposited THAT MUCH fat on my legs in two hours. Fortunately the fluid was all gone the next morning. What on earth will happen to them in these coming warmer weeks...

9) I am 30 weeks pregnant... or 7 and a half months... or 69 days to go!! Of course this means that it's just 8 weeks until I am considered full term.

10) And here I am at 30 weeks... My tummy increases in size by at least two inches by the end of the day. Thank you 'bloat'.

I look really pregnant when you see me just at the right angle!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I suddenly found myself starving hungry today... It feels really good to have not only hunger but also something of an appetite. The trillion food aversions make it difficult to really get excited, but I'm sat in Panera (and I have aversions to almost all of their food) and they kindly made me some non-menu toast.

Yum yum... though I am STILL hungry. I have eaten more today - at 1pm - than I have the past two days combined. The trouble is that this late into pregnancy your stomach is being squished meaning that you get full very very quickly. Unfortunately it takes a while for my brain to receive the message that no more can comfortably fit in that ever shrinking space, so I am a bit stuffed.

I feel poppet move a LOT when I'm eating something carby/sugary. I thought it was the coldness of the smoothie waking him up, but I think it's also the glucose hit. He is wiggling all over the place now I'm full of toast.

I'm already dreaming of dinner... though at this point I cannot think of anything that sounds too palatable beyond toast and smoothies. My aversion to almost all protein sources (and I have tried many...) is actually stronger than ever. I can't even stomach grains with a high protein count.

For now, though, I am going to enjoy the return of some appetite.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Okay, so no sleep turns me into a cray woman. Poor Rich last night witnessed me sobbing, close to hyperventilating.. And today Deb had to contend with a sobbing patient who was there from 10am- 2:30pm (receiving the slowest IV of fluids imaginable!). And now I'm sitting here, having taken my codeine, cough suppressant half an hour ago, hoping, hoping that it works and I get to have some sleep. Please work... The combined no sleep, coughing, sickness, etc. has created a perfect 'horribleness storm', but I really think that just with ONE good night's sleep I'll be well on the road to recovery.

As I wait for it it to work it's narcotic magic (positive thinking... must work hard to harness the placebo drug affects) I was thinking about how fortunate I am to have such wonderful friends and colleagues, a super, patient Dr. in Deb, and a sweet, sweet baby on the way. So here is a gratitude list:

1) This has not been the easiest pregnancy in the world, but, you know, I have also felt really good - even with the nausea and sickness. I am having very little in the way of pain and swelling, and when I am not coughing up kidneys I feel really fit and strong. Before I came down with this cough, I was feeling great on long walks and hikes, on the elliptical and doing weights...

2) Feel so fortunate to have Deb. I felt so wretched today and she was kind and considerate and listened, and the lovely Dr. she had following her today was very empathic and sweet. And the nurses and the medical assistant... all lovely and helpful.

3) Jen... who has arranged our baby shower and is just generous in so many ways. Jen is also a colleague and she and another faculty have taken on the responsibility for attending to a student's thesis defense tomorrow...

4) For the lovely lovely gifts we've received this past few days. Lou (who lives in Cambridge, UK and thus cant be at the shower) sent a lovely swaddle (and I think an owl... which hasn't yet arrived) and yesterday I went out to brunch with a few lovely women, and Bistra, who can't come to the shower, had sneakily checked out and bought us some lovely gifts from our registry. And then, today, I received a huge box from Australia! Kate sent us the sweetest little romper, some beautiful receiving/swaddling-all-around blankets, and, of course, a cute, cute koala. And my friend, Maggie, who also can't attend the shower, but who also has kindly offered me a wonderful gift of Reiki treatments to help with the birthing....

5) For the Spring like weather we're enjoying...

6) Our bathroom renovations begin tomorrow! And while it will be a little difficult to be home as it's going on, I am very excited that soon we'll have a fully functioning bathroom with a floor that doesn't threaten to collapse, and a proper bath/tub! very exciting...

7) For the lovely poppet who, despite everything, seems to be thriving. Given the acrobatics of late he seems very happy with himself. He's especially excitable when I have one of my fruit/soy milk smoothies.

8) Finally... I am (hoping to be) grateful for these meds.... I am a bit crunchy when it comes to pharmaceuticals. I haven't taken antibiotics for years and through some alternative therapies managed to not need meds for my lupus, but this pregnancy has turned that on its head and I am taking 3 different medications that I would usually not even think about taking. So here I am grateful for the potential of this codeine to take me into a deep slumber.

Oh.. finally, I should have said: 'thank you to all of you for reading and commenting on our blog'.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

sick sick sick

It's 1:15 am and I have all but given up on sleeping ever again. Every time I lie down - even with lots of pillows propping me up - I start to couch up a storm. I managed to doze off a few times - and sorry for the TMI - but only to awake a few minutes later hacking up a lung with lots of vomit and acid in my mouth. I am MISERABLE.

I woke up Rich at midnight and he called the on-call Dr. who truly could not have been more dismissive and mean. I was already feeling like a douche for calling. I mean, I have a darn cold, and while I have never felt quite this bad from a cold, it is in the end just a cold. Still, the Dr. might have asked me a question or two.. Instead I stammered on about coughing and being sick and she told me to just call in the morning. I clearly felt a little humiliated to be calling, but I am feeing desperate. I hung up the phone and sobbed and sobbed and now I'm sitting here, having sent Rich to bed, wanting desperately to sleep, wondering how on earth I will function this week.

I hate to moan on this blog but I feel utterly miserable and dejected, and the thought of hanging out like this until morning makes me want to weep.

I'm feeling extremely sorry for myself...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nursery pics...

We almost finished the nursery today :) We started it a few weeks ago... painting the already green walls... well, green!! We also had to paint the floor and some of the existing furniture, which delayed things. But Rich finished the floors this morning and so we decided to dedicate the day to putting up the crib, changing table, etc. I couldn't resist posting some photos, even though we're not finished yet.

A few weeks ago, before we started the green over green painting (though this IS non toxic green!) we wrote out some messages for the little poppet:

And today we put up the crib. It wasn't nearly as awful as we thought it would be.

We found these instant murals online. You can take them down without harming the walls, and reuse them. They are so pretty.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tummy Tub

This was just posted on a pregnancy bulletin board! How adorable... !!! Check out the video clip there, too. Anyone have one of these?

Tummy Tub