Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Secret Shopper

Somewhere out there is a secret shopper... :)

I just received a notification from Maine Diaper Company (one of the places I registered) that a package was on its way. I've resisted looking to see what's been sent! AND, some things from my Babies R Us registry have been bought. I went to buy a diaper pail on Monday and, lo and behold, someone had beaten me to it. A couple of other things had gone, too.

I have an idea as to who these shoppers are... so show yourselves!!!

In other news. I'm about to head to my 32 week scan. On Monday I saw Deb and everything was looking good. Last time I went I was very dehydrated (darn bronchial thing) and had lost a couple of pounds. I even measured a little small for the first time (fundal height). On Monday, however, I had gained back those pounds plus two more putting me at 14 pounds gain in total. The poppet had also gone through a pretty big growth spurt as he was back to measuring right on track again. Clever boy.

What is not so clever is how he is getting so big that my organs are all smooched up. It is getting harder to breathe. Yesterday at the gym I was so breathless walking up the stairs, I realized that I would not be working out. My heart rate also soared after just a mile on the elliptical, so I stopped... I hope today is better. He is sitting very high and I will admit that I am looking forward to the day he drops a bit.

Oh goodness folks, almost EIGHT MONTHS...

WIll have to update about our pets and playpens class last night... a class about introducing your pets to your baby. Oh, we have so much to do. We've done everything wrong :) Well, Rich has...!


  1. how fun that you have a secret shopper! now you just have to wait to find out who it could be :) i'm totally impressed that you haven't checked the registry yet, i would have been all over that as soon as i received the shipping info.

  2. this is even more fun than secret santa!

  3. okay, you lot, I'm going home. And Rich called to say that there are FOUR parcels waiting for me (I know one is a birthday gift from one of my sisters). Watch out, secret santas, you're all in a lot of trouble :)

  4. be sure to let us know what's in your parcels; I'm excited for you! I got gymnastics shoes and a leotard in the post today so I'm happy! I never get post.

  5. I am so overwhelmed by all this kindness.

    Ren, Fi, Lou, Ash, Lucy, luu, Rodeo... you are the sweetest friends. THANK YOU. I will wrote a post about everything.. WITH pics :) Love you all. You are so kind.

    And, KATE, woman!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Four parcels in one day...

    Now I have to go to the damn hospital (L&D) because I was rear ended. I am completely fine but I just chatted with Deb's nurse and they're worried the seat belt might have tightened around the poppet.


  6. let us know how it went at L and D (what does that stand for?), i'm sure everything will be okay, but glad they're being on the safe side. Is your car fucked?

    I want to see pics

  7. how are you love?

  8. Alex what beautiful baby items and updates. It sounds like you are so excited to have this new little baby in your life. I know you will be a good mama. Just a warning that when the baby does drop you get a whole new set of uncomfortableness and an lovely inability to control your pee! PS your nursery is ADORABLE! It makes me want to have another. It seems like we just painted Jaxon's nursery yesterday and now we are getting ready to redo it in cars, trains, and planes. Kids grow up too fast.

  9. We're all very well. thanks, everyone! We ended up being in the L&D (Labor and Delivery... I had no idea what that meant until yesterday!) until really late and got home around midnight. But the poppet was as happy as can be, and while I have an irritable uterus I wasn't having any contractions, or anything. The placenta/cord, etc., all looked good, too :).

    I'm in Panera now hiding out from workmen who are supposedly in our house working on the bathroom.. It's a bit of a drag not having a shower at home.. and the rest of the house is in chaos. Eek.. so much to do!

    I am still feeling so overwhelmed by these lovely thoughtful gifts. You women really are special. THANK YOU :)

  10. glad everything with the poppet is okay.

    Love ya x

  11. what happened to your update, love?
    thinking of you LOTS

  12. Hey fi, do you mean my week in snippets? It should be still there.. I uploaded a photograph as an edit.. but I just checked and I think it's published?

  13. there it is!
    oddly, when i looked at the site before it had disappeared.
    how bizarre...