Monday, May 4, 2009


Okay, so no sleep turns me into a cray woman. Poor Rich last night witnessed me sobbing, close to hyperventilating.. And today Deb had to contend with a sobbing patient who was there from 10am- 2:30pm (receiving the slowest IV of fluids imaginable!). And now I'm sitting here, having taken my codeine, cough suppressant half an hour ago, hoping, hoping that it works and I get to have some sleep. Please work... The combined no sleep, coughing, sickness, etc. has created a perfect 'horribleness storm', but I really think that just with ONE good night's sleep I'll be well on the road to recovery.

As I wait for it it to work it's narcotic magic (positive thinking... must work hard to harness the placebo drug affects) I was thinking about how fortunate I am to have such wonderful friends and colleagues, a super, patient Dr. in Deb, and a sweet, sweet baby on the way. So here is a gratitude list:

1) This has not been the easiest pregnancy in the world, but, you know, I have also felt really good - even with the nausea and sickness. I am having very little in the way of pain and swelling, and when I am not coughing up kidneys I feel really fit and strong. Before I came down with this cough, I was feeling great on long walks and hikes, on the elliptical and doing weights...

2) Feel so fortunate to have Deb. I felt so wretched today and she was kind and considerate and listened, and the lovely Dr. she had following her today was very empathic and sweet. And the nurses and the medical assistant... all lovely and helpful.

3) Jen... who has arranged our baby shower and is just generous in so many ways. Jen is also a colleague and she and another faculty have taken on the responsibility for attending to a student's thesis defense tomorrow...

4) For the lovely lovely gifts we've received this past few days. Lou (who lives in Cambridge, UK and thus cant be at the shower) sent a lovely swaddle (and I think an owl... which hasn't yet arrived) and yesterday I went out to brunch with a few lovely women, and Bistra, who can't come to the shower, had sneakily checked out and bought us some lovely gifts from our registry. And then, today, I received a huge box from Australia! Kate sent us the sweetest little romper, some beautiful receiving/swaddling-all-around blankets, and, of course, a cute, cute koala. And my friend, Maggie, who also can't attend the shower, but who also has kindly offered me a wonderful gift of Reiki treatments to help with the birthing....

5) For the Spring like weather we're enjoying...

6) Our bathroom renovations begin tomorrow! And while it will be a little difficult to be home as it's going on, I am very excited that soon we'll have a fully functioning bathroom with a floor that doesn't threaten to collapse, and a proper bath/tub! very exciting...

7) For the lovely poppet who, despite everything, seems to be thriving. Given the acrobatics of late he seems very happy with himself. He's especially excitable when I have one of my fruit/soy milk smoothies.

8) Finally... I am (hoping to be) grateful for these meds.... I am a bit crunchy when it comes to pharmaceuticals. I haven't taken antibiotics for years and through some alternative therapies managed to not need meds for my lupus, but this pregnancy has turned that on its head and I am taking 3 different medications that I would usually not even think about taking. So here I am grateful for the potential of this codeine to take me into a deep slumber.

Oh.. finally, I should have said: 'thank you to all of you for reading and commenting on our blog'.


  1. Alex, what a sweet and thoughtful list. You have *always* been there for me and it's my pleasure to return the favor, though I wish you didn't need it. Remember how you brought us meal after meal in the early days after Sage was born? You were a lifeline for us and we can never express that sufficiently.

    I am glad that Poppet likes the smoothies. They do sound delicious!

    Just know that, in those wee hours, you are in everyone's thoughts. And since you have loving friends in several time zones, you can be sure there is always someone awake and thinking about you!

    So here's a big wish that those meds work their magic!


  2. What a wonderful list! You are so appreciative of the people in your life, and that is so nice to see.

    And I too think those fruit and soy milk smoothies sound delicious. Would you be willing to share your recipe?

  3. Aw, Jen, what a lovely comment. You really are such a wonderful friend.

    The meds DID work! I was a bit loopy when I went to bed - as they make you quite drowsy - but they suppressed my cough enough for me to sleep for a few hours consecutively. I felt like a new person when I woke up. I was a little worried that I was doping up poppet(!) but I gave him a few smoothie hits and he was movin' and shakin' like his usual non-drowsy self!

    Hi Anon... (show yourself, anon!!): Thank you!

    Im a bit embarrassed to share the 'recipe' because it really only involves two ingredients... soy milk and frozen fruit :) It's so easy that Rich actually makes them for me, too (he cannot cook.. or prepare basic food items.. so this is quite a feat).

    Today I had a cup of frozen strawberries blended up with a cup of vanilla soymilk. This afternoon I had my favourite one (which is the least nutritious)... a cup and a bit of frozen mango whizzed up with soy milk. In the past I added protein powder and flaxseed, but I have found that my body doesn't like the healthy additions... tomorrow i'm going to push it and use hemp milk :)

    xo A

  4. Hemp milk! Oh my!

    It ought to be interesting to see how Poppet likes *that*! (Just kidding.) I am SO glad that the meds are working and allowing you to sleep a bit.

    I appreciate the update very much. Hope the drugs continue to work for you! ;-)


  5. Thanks, Jen! I also meant to add that I am definitely not glad for our bathroom renovations...Sheesh, it's just such a drama. The builder came to start work and informed us that the extension put up in the 70s had NO REAL FOUNDATION! Jeepers creepers.. He said he couldn't in all conscience allow us to invest 12,000 in a bathroom that might sink :) So.. we're back to plan B.. doing the small bathroom. There goes my luxurious bathing plans....

    I'll let you know how the hemp goes :) I wonder if he'll note the difference! lol.

    Love, A

  6. glad you liked the gift :)

    we are about to start bathroom renovating too... i'm hoping it will pass quickly!


  7. are you still on the "mangoes are unhealthy" kick? man, i thought you had moved on to feel the mango love :)

    kidding aside, i'm so glad you are doing what you need to do to take care of both you and poppet. you need your sleep, and if the doctor feels that that requires some medication, then you need that, too.

    i'm sure poppet loves that you are taking care of yourself for him. you are such a sweet and caring person, and it has been so wonderful to see that translate for you into your relationship with your (as of yet unborn) son. i'm so glad that i have been a part of your life and you shift into this new role.

    and i'm glad that i live close enough to be a part of it all (and to babysit!).

    love you lots,

  8. I love the gifts, Kate :) xoxoxo

    Aw, Ren, what a sweet comment... even as I feed my baby codeine!! Aha, mangoes, as we all know, are not as nutritionally dense as the berry... but it's a lovely shake, nonetheless!!

    Love, A