Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend. We had lots of plans.. and, well, most of them didn't happen because, wowsa, have been hit with some pretty significant fatigue. Today we were meant to head to a BBQ, play tennis, hike with the pups, stain the deck, in between a host of household chores. Alas, not much of that happened. After a trip to the gym, some shopping, cooking, and an hour of staining the deck, I came in and sorted out my clothes, changed the bedding, dusted upstairs, and then I was hit with some pretty awful tiredness. I decided to do some hypnobabies (which I'm really behind on) and, as is the pattern, I fell asleep whilst listening to the scripts. I might be in trouble with this...

Here are a few photos of our weekend.. They're not very exciting - although I am pretty stunned by my ever expansing stomach. I've managed to wear my regular shorts and t-shirts to the gym, but this morning I noted that my t-shirt is getting perilously short! I did take some overdue shots of my tummy this morning, which I may or may not be brave enough to post :) (what has happened to my belly button!?)

I started to begin the long task of sorting through our gifts and nursery, yesterday. it i a tad overwhelming. You can see some of the lovely presents bought by my secret shoppers.. The ergo carrier, infant insert, strap sucky things, a diaper pail, and a bottle sterilizer. I am being uncharacteristically organized. I made labels to put in the drawers in an attempt to separate the various clothing into sizes, and I have been labeling the various different types of diapers and covers and their sizes in the hope that Rich will remember what is what.

Every thing's going well so far... the beginning of an evening walk.

The boys have a habit of going on strike mid walk... This involves them lying on the grass, refusing to move. I doubt that I'll be able to walk the pups with Poppet on my own. Sometimes I wish we had some nice docile labs...

Here I am trying to get them to move...

Where did THAT bump come from! I bumped into a neighbor at the market today, and she noticed for the first time that I'm pregnant! I walk past her everyday - but now it seems there is no hiding things. I am very pregnant.

Kiltie, coveting the rings... he would hate for his brother Sammy to get his nashers on them. Poor Poppet will be lucky to keep his toys.

Standing next to my boat (as we head to the gym)... which I am desperate to take out on the lake. I am perhaps a bit optimistic to think that it might be sometime this summer!

I was curious how pregnant I looked from behind...

Rich, staining the deck...


  1. "After a trip to the gym, some shopping, cooking, and an hour of staining the deck, I came in and sorted out my clothes, changed the bedding, dusted upstairs, and then I was hit with some pretty awful tiredness." Well no wonder! My goodness you got a lot accomplished! I'd be tired having done all this even if I wasn't pregnant! :P So feel good about your day, my dear. You certainly did more than we did around here!

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the holiday. What an exciting array of gifts. I remember inheriting a ton of hand-me-down baby stuff from my family-in-law, and feeling completely overwhelmed by it all (particularly because I didn't know what half of it was, and I didn't know how to assemble the other half. Sometimes both at once.)

    Glad the boys enjoyed their walk (they made sure of it!).

    And love the pix!

  2. BABY! *squeal* :) Sorry, just got excited all over again. :)

    Sarah Hope

  3. might be time to rest up a little ;) goodness alex, you keep so active i'm not surprised you are a little fatigued!

    clothes sorting is quite a chore. i am constantly sorting and saving as clothes work their way down from oldest to youngest (seem to have to do it at least 3-4 times year). it is lovely though to put clothes on leila that have been worn by her brother and two sisters! happy sorting!

  4. you don't look at all pregnant from behind!

    lovely pics x

  5. How fun! You sure stay busy. I look at myself and am amazed how pregnant I look but truly, you look great. Just a few more weeks till we get to hold our babies :-)

  6. you look WONDERFUL

  7. OW OW! An Alex ass shot! What a nice surprise awaited me when I visited your blog today!


    All kidding aside (you do have a nice tooshie - oh, also, I wanted to say "fanny," but I realize it has quite the different connotation among the UK folk), these are gorgeous pictures, despite the pups' stubbornness :)

    I'm so glad I got to see you this weekend, you are absolutely gorgeous!
    Love you lots,

  8. You are such a glowing mom to be. I love reading about how excited you are for this little bundle of joy to come into your life. I know you will be a great mommy!

  9. LOL. okay, Jen, putting it all together and it does seem a lot.. the thing is, I was very SLOW doing these things, and I just seem to meander along, and all of a sudden I can barely move. I am napping everyday now. The trouble, I think, is sleeping through the night.. it's really hard. I always get up multiple times to pee (when not pregnant) but it's just a cruel joke now. I am up and down constantly.. and it's hard to get comfortable. These mini naps are helping, though.

    Sarah-Hope! I KNOW!!!!!! I am more regularly overcome with a wave of panic because it's becoming oh-so-real :) I bought a couple of little things to day, and it's hard to not get slightly 'freaked' out when I think of a little one wearing the things... eek!!!! But Aunty S-H, it's coming up fast... and i'm looking forward to our walks in Cambridge :)

    Jeepers, Kate, I can't even imagine the assortment of clothing you've accumulated over these 9-10 years! It is fun to sort out the things, though :) AND THANK YOU for finding me those muslin swaddles. I am feeling a whole lot better about the temperature thing :)

    Aha, thanks, Lou! A poor woman on one pregnancy board I lurk on posted a pic of her swollen feet and it looked so damn painful. I am feeling lucky not to have too many of those symptoms. The freezing weather is helping, though :)

    Aw, Krystine, can you believe it!!!!! Not very long at ALL... Rich and I were at the gym on Sunday and both of us agreed that it would be nice to be able to press the 'pause' button now as it's just coming up much too fast! But then again I can't wait to meet this little chico.

    Thanks, (((Rodeo)))

    Why thank you, Ren :) What a wonderful toosh I have, eh!? It was lovely to see you this past weekend, too. Are you up this weekend? xoxo

    THANK YOU Krista! I really can't wait. Tonight we have a baby care class!! I have had such limited contact with kiddos and babies - and we have LOTS to learn. eek..

    Love, A