Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's my birthday today! I turned a very young 33 :) Since Rich and I have been so busy, we didn't do a lot to plan for a fun packed day. We actually tend not to celebrate birthdays too much.. though, as with everything else, we've been trying to change our lack of enthusiasm for marking occasions. Despite our lack of planning Rich took the day off work and we headed to North Conway for a spot of hiking and lunch. Frankly I have been feeling so tired this past two days I guessed that I wouldn't really be in the mood for anything strenuous. But off we went... sans the pups who went to doggy spa for the day and evening as our bathroom renovations began today...

The weather was beautiful, and since the drive is so scenic, we had a lovely time just chugging along in the car. Unfortunately we realized that we had forgotten the camera when we arrived at the first beauty spot. We had to make do with my blackerry's camera, which is not very good at all...

I have definitely gone through a growth spurt this past couple of weeks..!!

We had lunch at a cafe... me stealing half of Rich's hummus wrap (I didn't think I could stomach it because I have very strong aversions to hummus in the house). We bought Rafi some cute, cute 'Life is Good' t-shirts and booties and then walked along the promenade where we found a park. We sat there for ages watching the little tykes play on the swings and climbing frames. The cutest little ones were the tiny tots who had evidently just learnt to walk... off they teetered in their diaper clad bottoms, exploring their little worlds...

En route home we listened to old favourties on my ipod, reminiscing about when we had first heard them. We've been together close to 15 years so it was quite the trip down memory lane.

Instead of going home we drove into Portland and, inspired by Sage's birthday trip to Flat Bread pizza, we headed there ourselves. They do a rather nice vegan pizza and I was wanting some big fresh tomatoes. Unfortunately they had NO tomatoes, but the pizza was yummy. It's extremely odd that I could eat this at the restaurant with very little trouble, yet when I thought about what I could have eaten at home I couldn't think of a thing.

So it was a lovely day. Rich had bought me lots of little gifts for Rafi.. as well as some lovely pajamas. Yesterday I returned home to a very large parcel on my doorstep from Kate: the boppy pillow and organic cover from my registry. How lovely...


  1. sounds like a lovely escape alex. i'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves.


  2. happy birthday! i'm glad you had a lovely day. katexx

  3. you look so lovely! what a beautiful bump!

    I am so glad you managed to enjoy some food without the usual aversions. Vegan pizza sounds yum. I hate the vegan cheese otherwise i would make my own!

    hopefully your gifts from me will arrive soon. I love that 'life is good' stuff. I still have the brown LIG t-shirt I bought from freeport.

    love you x

  4. happy birthday, sweet one.
    you look beautiful and glowing in these pics - i'm SO GLAD you had a better sort of day.

    can't wait to SEE YOU!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a nice day :-)


  6. Oh, what a lovely day! Happy Birthday, Alex! I adore hearing about how you were able to eat, about how you got away from it all for a bit.


  7. Thanks, everyone!

    And, wow, isnt that quite a tummy!! I know the little guy gains about half a pound a week from here on out, and I can really see that!!!!!!!! He is also making himself known much, much more. Not so much in jabs and kicks, but with body parts that he tries to push through my skin. It's as though he's trying to escape!!!

    Thanks, Jen.. the food there is delicious. I haven't been in a LONG time. We'll have to go out with you, David and Sage before the babe gets here!

  8. How exciting about the body parts!

    And yes, we must do a Flatbread dinner soon! That would be great fun.


  9. Happy Belated Birthday honey!!! You look SO beautiful and so radiant in those photographs. I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday - you deserved it. xoxo

  10. Lovely to see you glowing and that bump! so cute :)

    glad to hear you had a nice birthday hon.