Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nursery pics...

We almost finished the nursery today :) We started it a few weeks ago... painting the already green walls... well, green!! We also had to paint the floor and some of the existing furniture, which delayed things. But Rich finished the floors this morning and so we decided to dedicate the day to putting up the crib, changing table, etc. I couldn't resist posting some photos, even though we're not finished yet.

A few weeks ago, before we started the green over green painting (though this IS non toxic green!) we wrote out some messages for the little poppet:

And today we put up the crib. It wasn't nearly as awful as we thought it would be.

We found these instant murals online. You can take them down without harming the walls, and reuse them. They are so pretty.


  1. alex! what a beautiful, beautiful room; peaceful and fun, a perfect combination. and those messages under the paint are just lovely. what a lucky little boy rafi is.

    love lucy x

  2. Oh what wonderful photos. It's so exciting to see you literally building a home for Rafi.

  3. Lucy is right--it's so peaceful and serene (I love the color!) and yet so fun, too. Those murals are great!

    I especially love that you put all of those messages underneath the final coat of paint. What a clever and sweet idea. You are so lovingly preparing for Rafi's arrival. He is one lucky little guy.


  4. Soooo, for the times when Poppet won't be using it, I can sleep in there, right?


    It looks so comforting and calming and peaceful in there! Aww, I just love it. And how sweet of you to paint messages to him. I can't wait to meet the little dude!


  5. That is the cutest, sweetest, loveliest baby room I have ever seen! Your baby is (already) so lucky to have you two as parents!

  6. hi, i'm popping over from boards where i saw your post. i think you did a great job. i really like the laundry basket and the different decals you picked out. :)

  7. how gorgeous! It looks really lovely, and i love the messages you put on the walls. You should put pics of that in an album to show him when he's older, to show him how loved he was from the get-go.

    You don't even look pregnant in those pics!

    love you x

  8. Thanks, everyone! We really love it... I;m so glad we have a record of the messages, too.

    Aw, Lucy, I would have loved your help with the designing. I would give a lot to have your artistic gifts.

    David, it really is fun and wonderful to be rethinking the house with the poppet in mind. We've always had the space for an office each, lots of rooms for the doggies, etc., and now that space is being reconfigured. Even in terms of where we put the stroller, etc. means a very different sort of space...

    You know, Jen, this is going to be a bit of a sanctuary for me, too, I think. It is the sunniest room in the house, especially in the morning, and I've always loved being in there. I'm planning to get some comfortable chair very soon so that I can begin (yes... begin! my hypnobabies!)

    Thanks, Kate :)

    Ren, aha, of course you can!!!

    Hey anon. is that you lulu?!

    Thanks for stopping by TheGirl!

    Rosie, I don't know you, but I think the nursery (including the trees) are very much worth it for us. I doubt it's for everyone, and since we picked a theme that he wouldn't outgrow very quickly we think that he'll also get some enjoyment from it.

    Fortunately I'm a professor so the little guy will get a free passage through college :)

  9. Oh, lou, I meant to say that I am so very pregnant when you see me in real time! Especially when sideways on. I am carrying straight out as opposed to around...!

  10. What a gorgeous nursery! Do you mind if I ask where you bought the murals? I love them!

  11. Hi Maria!

    Thanks for stopping by.. I bought both the tree mural and animal murals from Amazon. The tree was pricey - but I really think it was worth it!

    The animal murals were a steal: