Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I suddenly found myself starving hungry today... It feels really good to have not only hunger but also something of an appetite. The trillion food aversions make it difficult to really get excited, but I'm sat in Panera (and I have aversions to almost all of their food) and they kindly made me some non-menu toast.

Yum yum... though I am STILL hungry. I have eaten more today - at 1pm - than I have the past two days combined. The trouble is that this late into pregnancy your stomach is being squished meaning that you get full very very quickly. Unfortunately it takes a while for my brain to receive the message that no more can comfortably fit in that ever shrinking space, so I am a bit stuffed.

I feel poppet move a LOT when I'm eating something carby/sugary. I thought it was the coldness of the smoothie waking him up, but I think it's also the glucose hit. He is wiggling all over the place now I'm full of toast.

I'm already dreaming of dinner... though at this point I cannot think of anything that sounds too palatable beyond toast and smoothies. My aversion to almost all protein sources (and I have tried many...) is actually stronger than ever. I can't even stomach grains with a high protein count.

For now, though, I am going to enjoy the return of some appetite.


  1. PANERA! I'll see you there! xoxoxoox

  2. great news!!!! I hope that the food aversions piss off at dinnertime and allow you something you can enjoy eating.

    Hope this is a sign that it might get better very soon!

  3. Oh, yay! Great news, Alex! Hunger is a wonderful thing when it shows you you're on the mend.


  4. Hey Rodeo, sorry I didn't see you! Wish that DC was a bit closer...

    Thanks, Lou! I ate the weirdest dinner.. at 3:30. I had to stop off at Target and all of a sudden fancied some Wotsits (i can't remember how you spell it) and the closest looking thing to them in the US is Cheetos. Goodness me, I bought some and was scoffing these bright orange crisps into my mouth in a very un-Alex way! For dinner I ended up having little bits of lots of things... it seems to help avoid new aversions.

    It really is, Jen. Though, boy, it came out of nowhere! I am pretty full now , though still toying with the idea of a mango shake!

    I feel so much better... I even just took the boys out for a walk...

    Love, A

  5. i'm glad your third trimester appetite is picking up! poppet is growing so much now he's probably taking it all for himself!

    kate xx

  6. The added benefit of Cheetos is that I'm pretty sure none of the ingredients occurs in nature. They're probably even vegan! ;-)

    Just teasing. So glad to hear about you scarfing *anything*!

  7. Hunger is an awesome sign! I hope this means you're pulling out of the nausea for the rest of your pregnancy.
    My baby loves yogurt and anything pretty sugary (I'm not vegan or vegetarian so she actually really likes chocolate milk).

  8. :)
    all good signs hon


  9. LOL, Jen, I didn't dare look at the ingredients.. the orange colour was so bright and fake that I shudder to think!! I did manage to get some salad greens in, too, so didn't feel quite so bad!!!

    Thanks, Kate... He is definitely letting me know that he's happy when I eat lots more. After some soup yesterday he was doing cartwheels... My appetite is at its highest in the morning so I've been taking advantage of that window and getting in as much as possible. I have so much more energy when I can eat a bit more.

    K, I really think that some of the nausea is getting better.. in the very least I am vomiting MUCH MUCH less. I hadn't realized that until I reflected on it today... so that feels pretty darn nice! Oh, I love chocolate soymilk, and I have definitely craved that, though usually when it's out of reach. In fact I may have a glass now.. I usually crave it with lots of ice!

    Thanks, Belinda.. It does feel pretty good to be getting over this illness, and also, perhaps, this darn pregnancy sickness!!!!

    xo A