Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Shower!

We had such a nice time on Saturday. Since we don't have a bathroom right now, we headed to the gym in the morning and I was feeling extremely energized. After 6 miles on the elliptical, though, I felt ready for a nap... Alas, no time, as I needed to find something to wear! Rich, though, did manage to nap in the car, outside of Whole Foods... something seemed a bit wrong with this particular picture :)

We were both quite nervous about the day, though. I had visions of different people in their houses in Maine and Massachusetts thinking, 'oh boy, we have a damn shower to go to today'... but we got to Jen's house and already people were there. Fi, Laur, and Ren had driven up from MA. Unfortunately Deb, my Dr., was driving away as we drove up. She had very kindly dropped off food but had to run to her son's baseball game... and didn't get a chance to return. My local friends were there, too, mingling with my work colleagues and friends, and it was quite an eclectic group! I was especially happy that my sociology colleague Joel was able to make it.

People all brought vegan food - and lots and lots of gifts. We received so many sweet, sweet gifts, and Rich and I were both overwhelmed by people's generosity. We received, amongst other things, a sling, boppy, bottles, many receiving blankets, onesies, books, outfits, swaddles, a bathtub and rocker (from my mum.. sent to my home), blankets, rattles, baby books/photo albums, baby monitor, baby bath towels, lots of wipes, burp cloths, baskets, a diaper bag (which is currently being custom made.. THANKS, Kate), diaper covers, and on, and on.. and today, when I went to Babies R Us to pick up a few things, I saw that someone had bought the diaper pail and microwave bottle sterilizer (Kate, I hope you didn't buy even more stuff!!!).

But, frankly, what was just so touching was having some of our favorite people in the world there with us. The food, the company, the ambience.. just perfect. THANKS Jen, David, and Sage :)

Here are a few photos. We didn't take many, unfortunately, but Brian took some of us as we opened the gifts. I look daft in most of them... these are the best of the bunch!

My friend, Linda, is such a talent. She knitted this gorgeous sweater with owls on, made a pottery piggy bank, handmade a bib, and embroidered a picture with Rafi's name... which she'll add a 'date', etc. to when he's born.

Thankfully we got a lot of help unwrapping the gifts. Grace, our neighbor, was especially helpful!

Here we are guessing what this very cute knitted toy is. I guessed straight away... it's a sheep/dog :) Laur is extremely talented.

This very cute outfit from Fi and Laur is the sweetest thing :) It's hard to believe that a little guy will fit in there!

We received so many lovely books. This is from Julia.. and Brian bought us a beautiful book of poetry. The day before one of my doctors had given us a lovely, lovely book of poetry and also a baby yoga book :)

Cute, cute outfit from Beth!

One of the guest stars! I last saw her mama when she was 2 weeks away from giving birth! She is such a sweet thing.


  1. aw you are so loved and it makes me so happy to see this; people see how special you are and I just keep hoping that you'll be able to know that it is because you are YOU, just for that alone, for being great just as you are.

    I love you, hon x

  2. oh how fun! I am so glad you were able to celebrate. you both look so happy and I'm so excited for you! xoxo

  3. Sure was fun, Alex! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It was lovely to meet so many of your friends and neighbors.

    David's now posted some of the other pix on the Dink blog, so feel free to take a look and retrieve them from there! (Sorry I'm a horrid photographer!)


  4. It was lovely to have you both here, and get to meet your wonderful friends. Sage had a blast!

  5. Thanks, all of you! We did have a lovely, lovely time!