Thursday, May 28, 2009

49 days to go (35 to full term!)

... not that I'm counting down the days, or anything. Well, tonight I might be as I am extremely uncomfortable. The Poppet had dropped a bit, making me pee every few minutes, and the sonographer I was helping on Friday happened to do my 33 week ultrasound today, and she noted how low his head was in my pelvis. This was making it easier to breathe... and today at the gym I felt wonderful as I was able to breathe somewhat normally. Of course I needed to stop for bathroom breaks every few miles. I also felt some weird sensations in the night... I wondered if they were practice contractions (or, pressure waves, as my hypnobabies study course calls them).

Alas, I don't know how he's managing it, but Poppet is both lower.. yet managing still to squish my lungs so that it's difficult to breathe again. Eek. I am feeling ready to meet this little guy. And at the same time I am wanting to hit the pause button because these weeks are going so fast.

Last night we had our baby basics class. It was a LONG class, but helpful in that it made me think that I know more than I thought! The night before I had my first prenatal yoga class. It was really nice to be around other pregnant women, though I am sure I was the most pregnant. I don't think I'll make it to the end of the course... well, let's hope not :)

Today was the 33 week scan. It wasn't a growth ultrasound (they're every other week), just one that looks to make sure the heart is good, the amniotic fluid is as it should be, and that he's practicing his breathing and has a good heart rate. Everything looked great. He does these whole body movements, which cause my entire stomach to 'wave', it's like having a little alien trying to escape..

In other news, our bathroom renovation took yet another step back when our tub AGAIN arrived and had to be sent back. This time they'd managed to send the wrong colour with the drain in the wrong position. Of course the box said it was the one we needed... you'd think that they might check these things. So, another week before things can even get moving. It's a bit of a nightmare, honestly.

So, this is a whiney blog, but I'm finding that pregnancy is getting really uncomfortable now!


  1. We're almost on the home stretch! I am also uncomfortable and dealing with insomnia :-( It sounds like you have a very healthy little boy and I am excited for you to finally be able to meet him. Sorry about the tub. I'm sure you'll be so happy to have all the renovations complete (whenever that happens). Take care and keep taking this one day at a time :-)


  2. oh yes... the third trimester is so uncomfortable and the last month is unbearable! i used to go for walks in that last month and plan my route according to where there were bathrooms along the way (i was in NYC). it drove me crazy!

  3. Oh, my, he is so active! I always say that some of the things that make things most hard on us as parents are the very things that will serve our children well. It sounds like he's a vigorous and athletic boy!

    Sending you good wishes and lots of love!


  4. oh i remember when it looked like an alien was trying to pop through my belly times...but just remember this time will soon be over and you will be holding the dear one in your arms very soon...Oh A ...I just cant wait for you to experiance the joy of motherhood, your going to be such a great mom...I can see it already.

    Love, Tara

  5. Gosh, Krystine, I can't wait!!! I'm really ready to meet this little guy. I experienced very sore hips whilst lying in bed last night. I think this may be a new side effect... cured only by birth! Aw, I saw pics of your niece.. very lovely. It must make you evermore excited to meet your little girl!

    Oh, Kate, yes, the peeing. Yikes. Probably TMI but on a walk last night (and we live in a rural area.. thus no loos), I nipped into the hedge twice. lol. Very dignified. I'm pretty excited (and scared) to be on the last legs. Everyday is just a little more uncomfortable... I'm glad to have a prenatal massage booked for tomorrow morning :)

    I think you're right, Jen!!! All that movement and stretching is - whilst sometimes not the most comfortable - very reassuring. He is very active, though... Rich and I were speculating (planning!) as the sports he'll be involved in. No offense to my american readers, but we'd rather he was not into baseball (it's very dull to the uninitiated!), hockey and football (for obvious reasons...). Of course I'd love him to be a rower, cyclist, or a runner.... :) Watching the Bates graduation on the news today, I was already envisioning him on their crew (oh, this poor kiddo).

    Aw, thanks, Tara. You're very sweet :)

    Love, A

  6. I'm glad you're in teh home stretch. I remember how uncomfortable my sisters got towards the end of their pregnancies, I hope the time passes quickly but not too quickly if you know what I mean.

    much love.