Friday, October 30, 2015

First Grader!

Charlie is THREE!

Charlie turned THREE a couple of weeks ago.  Lots and lots of fun celebrating, including a breakfast with Raf's soccer team, a family/neighbourhood party on the actual day, and when Nana arrived the following week a fairly big party at the Bounce Zone. So much fun.

But it began with breakfast in bed and a morning hug from his favourite big brother. 

And then we headed to footy. After the navy blues won their game against Biddeford, the entire team sang happy birthday to Charlie, making him uncharacteristically shy. 

And then off to breakfast with some of our favourite new friends. Adien and his family very, very sweetly bought Charlie a gift... mini Thomas Trains. A MAJOR hit.


A surprise birthday treat. And another round of happy birthday. 

We dashed home to get ready for another party, with Hatts enjoying the balloons a great deal.

Charlie had a blast with some of his favourite friends from the neighborhood who came over to cut some cake. It was very low key and quite last minute but it was another super fun time, especially for the children who all get along so well.

Happy boy.

After people left Charlie opened his presents and was very lucky indeed to get lots of cool stuff, including an egg with a dinosaur inside.

We left it to hatch overnight, with Raf fearing that a real one would materialize. I assured him that I didn't think that a $5 egg from Target would reestablish the species.

Very cool, nonetheless.

Mum arrived the following Thursday and so was here for his big party the following Saturday. Another slightly disastrously decorated cake - though quite yummy.

An excellent afternoon of bouncing and eating. Lots of Raf's friends and their siblings, who have become Charlie's friends, too.

Passed out in his new pajamas. A fabulous couple of weeks of celebrating with generous friends who helped make it a very special time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Season End.

We signed up Raf for soccer at the end of August. I have to say that I especially was nervous as he hadn't shown any real interest in footy, indeed in any team sport. His last experience hadn't been fun for him and we decided to wait before we signed him up for another round. He surprised us, though, by asking to play and it was a super choice as he had an absolute blast. Rich and a granddad of another little boy served as coaches for the season, and every Monday we'd head to the field to practice with his navy blue team. On a Thursday they had a session with an English coach, who was really great. Raf was his 'helper' a lot as he was probably the only one who could understand his accent! On Saturdays the boys would play a match against another Saco team or a local Biddeford team. Charlie also played on Saturdays, but frankly preferred to hang out with me and Hatts on the sidelines and with the new and many friends he met as we watched. 

We met some fantastic new people as a result of the team. One of Raf's classmates signed up (Aiden) and the rest of the team was comprised of first and second graders from the other local elementary school. The children really got to know one another well and for the last few weeks of the season we headed to a diner after Saturday matches, which was also wonderful for me as I got to hang out with all the other super parents we met. 

As Raf has gotten older I've been able to forge new friendships outside of work, which is not only a lot of fun but also connects us more with our community. Charlie met lots of new grown up friends and older children who played with him every practice, making everyone laugh. Harriet was lovingly held by lots of mums and dads... 

And Raf's confidence has blossomed! The entire team came together towards the end of the season, and it was brilliant to see the children emerge into skilled little football players, more confident than ever before. We even won our final 4 matches. 

Can't wait until next season. In the meantime I signed up Raf for indoor soccer. First practice was last night and he's already having a blast. 

Final Halloween practice...

Team Navy Blue!

Waiting to head into the diner... almost the entire team joined us for the final Saturday of the season.

Hattie receiving lots of love and attention.

Raf and his new friend Blane.

And now we wait for basketball to begin... !

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

21 Years

Rich and I celebrated 21 years of togetherness on the 14th, as well as 13 years of marriage! What a couple of decades..  and here we are with these three beauties. And this is what an anniversary with three young children looks like... dad working late, me making cupcakes with the older two (having failed at buying a card - let alone a gift), dad arriving late with supermaket flowers, chocolates, card, and much appreciated kindle gift card... spending 15 minutes with a baby desperate to go to bed as we gobbled down homemade pizza and guzzled down a glass of wine. And me heading to bed with little Hatts a few minutes later. 

Lots of love in this little house of ours - and stress and craziness - but always lots of love from the little love bugs who always have kisses and hugs for us and each other. And Rich and I will one day go out and celebrate our time together, but until we're able to do that we'll enjoy these little ones knowing that these years are much too short. 

Making cupcakes... 

Waiting for daddy!

Sorry, dad, we're just too hungry.... boys have their celebratory apple cider in wine glasses.

He's home... quick, eat!

We all need to go to bed...

Thanks, Rich. Lovely flowers, etc.

20 years ago... Hippie night.

And a cupcake from Raf to wish us happy anniversary.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Almost a birthday.

Charlie's due date was October 11th, and three years ago, after preterm labour which began at week 29/30 it was clear that he was going to appear on his own terms. Not much has changed. He's a happy little soul, prone to sulking and grumpiness if he doesn't get whatever it is he's demanding, and he's certainly less of a people pleaser than his older brother. 

On the way to the shops today he was rather unhappy with me after I mistakenly helped him with his buckle. I was 'naughty mummy'. Rather than tantrum Charlie approximates a sullen teenager in these moments, declaring, 'I don't like mummy'. It's always best to respond in a quiet, kind way.. 'well, I like you, Charlie'. He usually repeats the mantra. Today Raf admonished, 'but Charlie, she's your mummy! She made you from scratch. Who cooks for you and gives you lots of kisses and hugs?"

Fairly unmoved, Charlie kept it up but until we started to play 'eye spy'.

'Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with 9', said Charlie.