Tuesday, October 20, 2015

21 Years

Rich and I celebrated 21 years of togetherness on the 14th, as well as 13 years of marriage! What a couple of decades..  and here we are with these three beauties. And this is what an anniversary with three young children looks like... dad working late, me making cupcakes with the older two (having failed at buying a card - let alone a gift), dad arriving late with supermaket flowers, chocolates, card, and much appreciated kindle gift card... spending 15 minutes with a baby desperate to go to bed as we gobbled down homemade pizza and guzzled down a glass of wine. And me heading to bed with little Hatts a few minutes later. 

Lots of love in this little house of ours - and stress and craziness - but always lots of love from the little love bugs who always have kisses and hugs for us and each other. And Rich and I will one day go out and celebrate our time together, but until we're able to do that we'll enjoy these little ones knowing that these years are much too short. 

Making cupcakes... 

Waiting for daddy!

Sorry, dad, we're just too hungry.... boys have their celebratory apple cider in wine glasses.

He's home... quick, eat!

We all need to go to bed...

Thanks, Rich. Lovely flowers, etc.

20 years ago... Hippie night.

And a cupcake from Raf to wish us happy anniversary.

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