Sunday, October 11, 2015

Almost a birthday.

Charlie's due date was October 11th, and three years ago, after preterm labour which began at week 29/30 it was clear that he was going to appear on his own terms. Not much has changed. He's a happy little soul, prone to sulking and grumpiness if he doesn't get whatever it is he's demanding, and he's certainly less of a people pleaser than his older brother. 

On the way to the shops today he was rather unhappy with me after I mistakenly helped him with his buckle. I was 'naughty mummy'. Rather than tantrum Charlie approximates a sullen teenager in these moments, declaring, 'I don't like mummy'. It's always best to respond in a quiet, kind way.. 'well, I like you, Charlie'. He usually repeats the mantra. Today Raf admonished, 'but Charlie, she's your mummy! She made you from scratch. Who cooks for you and gives you lots of kisses and hugs?"

Fairly unmoved, Charlie kept it up but until we started to play 'eye spy'.

'Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with 9', said Charlie. 

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  1. He's such a little character and a cutie with it, Alex. It's amazing how they develop such a strong personality but look so innocent and perfect when asleep.
    Gorgeous photos! I hope all of you are well. xx