Monday, September 18, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pokemon meets Citizenship

We decided to have a joint party to celebrate Raf's birthday and Richard and mine new citizenship! That meant that a lot of people were coming... and luckily the weather was lovely.

A combination of Pokemon and US Citizenship...!

And has become a tradition - our annual bike/scooter/skateboard parade around the hood.

and then of course pinata time!

Finished the night off with a fire. 

Cake... so much cake!

And lots and lots of generous presents.

Good friends.

A fab day for this kid... and indeed all of us.

Ending perfectly with a fire. 

Raf is EIGHT!

We're really behind on blogs but trying to catch up as the summer draws to a fast close. Here is Raf's BIG day - the day he turned EIGHT! 

The kids' bestest friends!

And a super-delicious cake!

That weekend we had a surprise breakfast for Raf... some of his best friends.

he was so happy to see special friends.

Lucky Loggers!

And here's Raf opening up some of his pressies.

Of course Chaz and Harriet had a few surprises too :)

We also hit target for some more Moana things... and Raf spent some of his birthday gift cards.

Harriet had her 2 year well child check up.. and Raf got to see Dr. Deb... exactly eight years on!

And then to meet Daddy for some birthday lunch.

And someone got a special cake... with the entire restaurant singing happy birthday to him!