Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Boxing Day and Beyond

Following a crazed Christmas Day, Boxing Day was a little more sedate. It was a cold one, so the children spent most of the time playing with their toys... lots of Play Doh fun for all. 

But the boys, of course, wanted to fly their drone and helicopter so we bundled up and headed outside.

It definitely isn't easy!

A quick selfie before heading in to warm up.

We were much too full to eat Christmas tea on the actual day so we enjoyed a nice Boxing Day spread.

Made all the better for nana by this jar of piccalilli!

More time enjoying their desks...

The next day was so much warmer so Raf and I headed to the beach for a run... Raf on his bike.

And then we got the rest out for a scooter. Hats has yet to climb on her scooter...

And endless games of foosball with this kid.. who is beating us all.

And then, alas, we all caught what had affiliated poor Raf on Christmas eve... a nasty little stomach bug. We dropped like flies.

But luckily bounced back quickly.



Lots of playing... and then we were hit with lots of snow.

hats joined me for a walk around the block.... insisting on carrying this ice block the entire way.

And then the boys and I hit the movies with friends. We bumped into Ollie, which made for even more fun. The film, Sing, was fantastic. Was very pleasantly surpised.

We even had time for games afterwards.

A really fun week!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas 2016

The day was a blur. Presents and food and constant playing.. not the relaxed day that we were perhaps dreaming of, but a super, lovely, memorable day. 

Father Christmas has visited...

Can we dig right in?!

Rest for some replenishment.

But back to it...

A stack of presents from nana.

Shovels?! Yes, for very cool metal detectors.

Present for Daddy. A calendar, socks (of course) and a record player.

A bag for Nana from the children.

An umbrella!

Some science kits... Raf is digging for gems.

So much Lego. I am not the biggest fan!

Helicopter from Grandad and Grandma June.

A miniature nutcracker.

Yes, a frisbee from his brother.

Someone's happy.

So is this guy. Beer and a book ;)

More food.

We're so full!

And their favorite presents: a footy table, an art desk, and a big boy desk. Massive hits.

A few more gifts - from Father Christmas.

A sloth... Harry Potter book....

And back upstairs to play on our desks.

A lovely day... kids and grownups utterly exhausted!