Friday, May 12, 2017

Best friends

Charlie was slightly sad just before I took this... but managed to throw his bouncy ball - accidentally - in a way that hit my phone just as i was snapping the shot. Hysterical laughter ensued! 


Harriet turned TWO two weeks ago. Cliched to say, but this past two years has gone in a flash. Hatts is losing all her babyish ways - speaks in 5 word sentences, can scoot like a maniac, and is generally a feisty, funny toddler. 

Here we are... her final day as a one year old. 

And the next morning, her brothers desperate to wake her up so they - she - could open her presents.

A family pic taken at the time she was born... 7:33am (Hatts had JUST woken up).

And of course her brothers desperate for her to get those pressies opened. 

Charlie was very excited about the play doh set he'd bought for her.

We dropped off the boys at school and Hatts and I hit Starbucks (Harriet's choice!) for a cake pop and 'water'. Then a quick walk around the block before collecting Chazy.

We stayed and played on the playground for a little while. Harriet showing us she was a big girl by flinging herself down the slide.

We all finished work a little early and headed to Cape Elizabeth - specifically the Lobster Shack - for some chips.

I can't keep calm, I'm only TWO! Sums Hatts right up.

A little cake celebration at home.

She loves hearts.

And she loves cake.


A walk around the hood with a new hat and blanket.

And more gifts. Trying to FaceTime Nana but we couldn't get through so we held off on Nana's big gift.

Peppa Pig bus from raft.

The next morning - in her Peppa PJs... we got to some more pressies.

Thanks Aunty bex.

And thanks to Nana for the 'Old McDonald Farm' - the only thing Harriet really asked for. 

A lovely day celebrating our sweet girl.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter was a lovely, balmy day. And Harriet's first proper one! The boys were very excited about the Easter bunny, and Hatts quickly got into the spirit of things. 

I spot some eggs... 

Desperate to go out... at 5:30am - they had to wait for their sister to wake up.

And eventually she did!

A beautiful morning...

And the bunny lay a trail of eggs all the way to the playground.

Hurrah! A ninja!

Choo choo...

And even better - play doh. Harriet's favorite.

and froggies.

And eggs to hatch.

A quick skate around the hood with friends...

Then back to tins to eat some chocolate.

And Harriet and I made play doh hearts.

Then plated our little grass pots.

Before we headed to the Lizottes for another egg hunt.


A really fun, hot afternoon... followed by another little surprise! Sweeties from nana and a few goodies from me and Rich.

Ending the wonderful day nature watching.... a big puddle (colony) of ants.