Friday, November 20, 2015

Dress Up Day

My smart, lovely Raf!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween 2015!

We had a very fun Halloween holiday. Mum is here and it was her first time experiencing an American Halloween! She was skeptical that it would be fun, but I think she ended up enjoying it. After Hatts and I headed to bed one evening, the boys with Rich and Nana carved out a pumpkin. We had bought many pumpkins but the squirrels had completely decimated them. Rich eventually attempted to throw them in the back yard woods, only to find Charlie retrieving his... it was very sweet and funny seeing Charlie tottering along with a big, half eaten pumpkin taking it to 'safety'!

Nonetheless, Rich bought a big one and the children had fun carving it.

Ta da! Rich did a super job with decorating this year: new lights, bats, spiders, and even scary music that he popped on for the brave trick or treaters.

The Friday before Halloween saw Raf's Harvest Festival at school. I went into volunteer, which was a bit of a disaster as Chaz joined me! He had a blast, though.

All Raf's friends love him!


And then Halloween itself. We went out with a massive group of children. Raf was so excited and was a bit of a lunatic running from one house to the next... I couldn't even get them to sit still for a decent photo!

 Harriet wasn't that impressed dressed up as a bee.

Our group got smaller quickly as it was very chaotic, but it was such a brilliant evening, and we stuck with some good friends. Poor old Charlie was as exhausted as I've ever seen him, which, when added to the sugar rush, made for an interesting final half hour of treating! And even mum had a great night as she stayed home handing out candy.

Charlie and his Big Boy Bike

Charlie received an early Christmas present from Nana.. his very own big boy bike. We decided to give it to him early because we're sure to be buried in snow come January and February, and we knew he'd be desperate to ride it. He LOVES it. He has a special place in the garage where he likes to park it and now he's desperate to have a new matching helmet. He got the hang of it really quickly... though his legs get tired easily and he makes lots of excuses for stopping (Mummy, I just need to whisper something to you... I just need a hug). 

"I'm doing it"!


Friday, November 6, 2015

October 28th

Our lovely Harriet Rose turned 6 months old last week, on the October 28th. She's such a brilliant little girl, so sweet and serene. She loves to watch her brothers, and they are her biggest fans. We marked the occasion with, of course, half a cake. 

Excited for a new toy :)

She loves the Moby still, thank goodness. 

And also the jumpy thingy. 


Friday, October 30, 2015

First Grader!

Charlie is THREE!

Charlie turned THREE a couple of weeks ago.  Lots and lots of fun celebrating, including a breakfast with Raf's soccer team, a family/neighbourhood party on the actual day, and when Nana arrived the following week a fairly big party at the Bounce Zone. So much fun.

But it began with breakfast in bed and a morning hug from his favourite big brother. 

And then we headed to footy. After the navy blues won their game against Biddeford, the entire team sang happy birthday to Charlie, making him uncharacteristically shy. 

And then off to breakfast with some of our favourite new friends. Adien and his family very, very sweetly bought Charlie a gift... mini Thomas Trains. A MAJOR hit.


A surprise birthday treat. And another round of happy birthday. 

We dashed home to get ready for another party, with Hatts enjoying the balloons a great deal.

Charlie had a blast with some of his favourite friends from the neighborhood who came over to cut some cake. It was very low key and quite last minute but it was another super fun time, especially for the children who all get along so well.


Happy boy.

After people left Charlie opened his presents and was very lucky indeed to get lots of cool stuff, including an egg with a dinosaur inside.

We left it to hatch overnight, with Raf fearing that a real one would materialize. I assured him that I didn't think that a $5 egg from Target would reestablish the species.

Very cool, nonetheless.

Mum arrived the following Thursday and so was here for his big party the following Saturday. Another slightly disastrously decorated cake - though quite yummy.

An excellent afternoon of bouncing and eating. Lots of Raf's friends and their siblings, who have become Charlie's friends, too.

Passed out in his new pajamas. A fabulous couple of weeks of celebrating with generous friends who helped make it a very special time.