Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter Break

Last week Raf was on break from school so I got to enjoy a fun packed week with all the children as well as some of their favourite friends. Monday was President's Day, which Rich had off of work, so it was a relaxed day... but on Tuesday we began day one of swim camp for both the boys. Gideon and Rohit and their siblings were all doing the camp, too, and on the Tuesday we got to enjoy the company of Gideon and Violet before and after swim camp. 

It was a bit of a tight squeeze in the car but we made it. Thanks to my lovely friends Margaret and Romy for helping me once we got to swim camp.

The children got right stuck in...

And then the little ones hopped in the water for their very first lesson.

And then a craft.

Whilst Raf had his first lesson.

And Harriet was very patient as she waited for her siblings...

After swim camp all the kids came home and relaxed with some TV and snacks whilst I got Hatts down for a nap.

I forgot to mention that on Monday, the boys were lucky enough to have a surprise present - LL Bean sleds. Of course the snow is going but we're all ready for next year!

On Wednesday more swim camp fun... we picked up Gideon and Violet en route, and the small kids went straight into crafts.

And then jumping into the pool.

It was super fun. Raf loved having Gideon and Rohit there. Lots of support for one another.

After swim camp on Thursday we hit the bounce zone for a play date. They bounced for close to three hours... after swim camp! They were absolutely exhausted!!

And Hatts was very keen to play herself. It was packed with lots of children from a camp there... but that didn't stop the kids from crawling all over the place.

and finally... passed out as soon as we got home.

But awake in time for a fun bath with the entire crew.

Final day of swim camp...

Thoroughly exhausted.

And then I got to take all of them to the dentist! Here Charlie is practicing for his appointment in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wacky Week!

The week before break Raf enjoyed a fun week of school, which had different themes for each day. The Monday began with a 'Dressed for Success" day. Raf dressed as a professor, specifically a wildlife biologist. He was excited to take his microscope to school to use as a prop. 

 I wasn't great at taking photographs every day but on the Tuesday they dressed up in 'team colours', and Raf decided to wear his basketball teeshirt! Wednesday was Raf's favorite day with Wacky Wednesday!

Thursday was school spirit day and Raf wore his Fairfield hoody, and on the Friday, pajama day! Raf didn't quite trust that I'd remembered correctly, so he was relived when we pulled into the school parking lot we saw all the other children in their jammies. Charlie and hatts also wore their pajamas all day!

Here's Hatts standing up...

It was also Raf's class's Valentine Party. I volunteered to help, and since I don't have a good record of follow through (i.e. I have forgotten to attend these things before), Raf exclaimed as I walked in, "I didn't know if you would remember'. Not sure that this says many good things about my parenting, but it says good things about Raf as he reassured me that he would have been okay...! It was a lovely party and I helped feed the children, with Raf very proud to have his mum turn up!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentine's Day!

4 days before Valentine's Day we decided to host a little party. At the very last minute we invited some neighborhood friends and Raf's little group of boy friends from school. Lots of scrambling on the Saturday to make cupcakes and cookies for our friends to decorate, but really worth it as we had a super time, and virtually everyone who we invited was able to come. Before our guests arrived, though, we surprised the children with some Valentine's Day books, a stuffy, and a little balloon... any excuse to buy them some books, frankly. They were really happy and excited. 

Harriet's first Valentine's Day <3 p="">


And then it was a VERY mad rush to get ready for our friends.

Homemade cakes, cookies, and icing.. and some yummy things to decorate.

Some eats for the grownups.

And we even had time for a little dance party.

Charlie and Dylan stealing all the grapes.

Lauren and Hatts... BFFs.

And then Charlie passed out as soon as our last guests left.

The next day, the children and I decorated some of the remaining cupcakes to delve to some other neighbours.

And look at these beautiful roses from my big Valentine! The balloons were the children's.

Lovely party and holiday... perhaps a new annual event!