Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wacky Week!

The week before break Raf enjoyed a fun week of school, which had different themes for each day. The Monday began with a 'Dressed for Success" day. Raf dressed as a professor, specifically a wildlife biologist. He was excited to take his microscope to school to use as a prop. 

 I wasn't great at taking photographs every day but on the Tuesday they dressed up in 'team colours', and Raf decided to wear his basketball teeshirt! Wednesday was Raf's favorite day with Wacky Wednesday!

Thursday was school spirit day and Raf wore his Fairfield hoody, and on the Friday, pajama day! Raf didn't quite trust that I'd remembered correctly, so he was relived when we pulled into the school parking lot we saw all the other children in their jammies. Charlie and hatts also wore their pajamas all day!

Here's Hatts standing up...

It was also Raf's class's Valentine Party. I volunteered to help, and since I don't have a good record of follow through (i.e. I have forgotten to attend these things before), Raf exclaimed as I walked in, "I didn't know if you would remember'. Not sure that this says many good things about my parenting, but it says good things about Raf as he reassured me that he would have been okay...! It was a lovely party and I helped feed the children, with Raf very proud to have his mum turn up!

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